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Comments made by Linda217

Health Care At The Heart Of Prison Release Ruling

In response to davidz424 - you want to go to prison to have your teeth fixed? What makes you think prisoners get their teeth fixed? My father is in a federal prison for a minor infraction. He has been there for five years. He has never seen a dentist. He is 83 years of age. He fell in his bunk one day. He was left unconscious for eight hours before they called an ambulance for him. WHY? because it is less expensive for the Bureau of Prisons to have his die than to provide for his medical care. By the time they did call and send him to the local hospital he was in sepsis and only had a 10% chance of survival. He pulled through thank god. But no thanks to the 'wonderful' medical care he received in prison.
Where ever anyone gets an idea that inmates receive excellent care is beyond me. The care is reprehensible and inhumane. My father is a non-violent offender and should be permitted to come home with an ankle bracelet where I could provide for him the proper medical care that he needs.
A concerned and loving daughter.

May 30, 2011 at 1:06 p.m. ( | suggest removal )