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Comments made by LindaS1

Oceanside Mobile Home Election Flyer 'Facts' Are Questionable

The statement that these park owners do not wish to scrape off the manufactured homes (from the land) and use it for other building purposes, is an out and out lie. The Oceanside Planning Department along with the Oceanside City Council has approved an affordable housing plan which will affect Mission Ave, Douglas Drive, North River Road, and Highway 76. The bonus density plan is all part of ICLEI and UN Agenda 21. All of the general plans in the entire county of San Diego are clones of Agenda 21 and the guidelines set forth by ICLEI. The idea is to eliminate private property and force people into high density living quarters situated close to the rail transit corridors. Eventually, they want to eliminate as much private ownership of automobiles as possible. Why? To control us even more. Tie that in with the TSA groping people at airports, and some train and bus stations, in order to condition us to think this is all normal, and you can see the big picture. Wake up people, before it has all been implemented.

May 12, 2012 at 9:14 a.m. ( | suggest removal )