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Comments made by LindaSmith

Tracing Your Food Back To Its Source

I heard part of today's broadcast and wanted to suggest a great book that i've been reading. It's called WHAT TO EAT by Marion Nestle. (An earlier book of hers is called FOOD POLITICS. She was part of the team that created the food pyramid.)

In this book she gives an extensive account of what we can find in the supermarket aisle to aisle including why everything is placed the way they are. And she dissects many aspects of where the food came from, what's in it, the politics behind it plus her personal opinion and preferences, without telling anyone else what to do. It begins with the produce section than on to dairy and dairy substitutes, then the meat section, the fish counter, cool and frozen, processed foods, beverage aisle, etc.

I personally value what she has to say as she has been involved in the food and nutrition world for quite a number of years and has taught at NYU and Berkeley. Check out her bio online - very impressive.

Another great book by a younger more contemporary author is REAL FOOD - What to eat and Why, by Nina Planck. She makes the case product by product of why "real foods" are best for us.

Both authors talk about what is organic, what is certified organic, what is natural and many other questions that seemed to be posed today.

I also just wanted to say how excited I am about how much attention is being paid to this very prevalent issue of food. I will be watching tonight!

November 16, 2009 at 1:11 p.m. ( | suggest removal )