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Comments made by ListeningGuy

Ending 'Don't Ask, Don't Tell'

I concur with Lisa T (first post). Further, I'll add that it is not homo- or heterosexuality per se that is the problem; indeed, many other countries allow and even recruit gays to serve in their militaries, and according to what I've read and heard, such integration is not an issue.

It is my opinion that the biggest part of the problem in the United States is simply one of ignorance and fear mired to a large degree in evangelical Christian beliefs exacerbated by an anachronistic Puritan ethic. Think of Sarah Palin, for example, to understand how flat and intellectually void those arguments can be.

Sadly, this kind of thinking still pervades parts of our society and repeatedly is found to rear its ugly, hypocritical head.

Many will argue that there are, indeed, bigger fish to fry in light of the country's current predicament. And sure, integrating gays into the military will cost money -- probably a lot of it. That doesn't matter, as it is never too soon to work for ensuring equality in this country. We do not have a perfect union, but we must continually work toward it.

Back in the day, I'm sure blacks' and women's suffrage, interracial marriage and integration of bathrooms, busses and drinking fountains cost quite a bit, too. No one in his right mind today would question the righting of those wrongs, and no one would complain about the amount of money we spent doing so.

Be also reminded that the arguments against repealing those social wrongs were also mired in similar (and misguided) religious and anthropological argument that certain people were unworthy.

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