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Comments made by Livingthedream

San Diego To Consider Banning Dog, Cat Sales At Retail Stores

Check the record the last outbreak of Distemper in the US. It was in Chicago and tracked to dogs from overseas. And guess what, it was the local shelter that brought them in for sale for profit.
I don't know any of the people you know who bought a puppy from a retailer, but to say all of them are sick is pretty sad really. (Hey, if San Diego puppy can just get 100 signitures from customers who had a great experience, would that be enough proof? How about 200....300? What is your number??) It is just another statment that cannot be substantiated as it is not true. I realize that radicals don't like to be confronted with the truth as they have nothing to fall back on but their memorized slogans and just doesn't stand up to facts. How about visiting a USDA breeder and see for yourself rather than drink the cool aid. Again. what will it take for you to do your homework??
Hey, my friend in Costa Mesa took home a shelter dog which foamed at the mouth and attacked other dogs...the shelter didn't even want to take it back. (I can get the letter notarized if you want proof that she used to threaten suit). And when they finally did take it back under duress, she had to sign a form saying that she would not come back...pretty silly actualy.
But that doesn't mean that shelters are neccessarily bad or don't do a service.
Its irresponsible pet owners that are usually dropping off their pets as they decided it was too much work to care for one or they don't know how to train properly (same thing really) Why not go after them??

Responsible retailers provide pups that are microchipped and training. San Diego Puppy does....and I know because I checked. These are not the pups showing up in shelters. I challenge you to your local shelter and see if there are any there with chips that can be tied back to the store....

And BTW, who said anything about shelters cleaning up the problems in other countries....I agree it is not there jobs. These animals shouldn't be here yet they (shelters) often buy from these countries and therefore, contribute to the problem. It is not the responsible retailers and breeders as you so adamantly suggest and you have no facts to support your statements.. However, I will say this again, any unregulated breeder or pet retailer needs to go the way of the dinosaur... San Diego Puppy and their suppliers operate legally and with all proper protocols and do not deserve this kind of rancour....yet forcing people to the unemployment line is not your concern, is it?

Lastly, go down to your local shelter ask to see the records where all their dogs came from...I betcha they won't show you the documents. C'mon, betcha!

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San Diego To Consider Banning Dog, Cat Sales At Retail Stores

pbslvr - BTW, I could not agree with you more. Common sense needs to rule.

As in any industry or setting, there are bad and good. Anyone ever meet a shady lawyer? A shister used car salesman? How about a diagnosis from a doctor or hospital that spells malpractice? Hey, my 6th grader, a straight A student, has a very mean spirited, controlling and lazy math teacher who has made my daugther afraid of asking a question in class for fear of getting yelled at (The teacher has tenure says her principal) The list can go on and on....

The point is, of course, the bad ones have to either go or step up, including irresponsible breeders and shabby pet retailers. However, the good ones and the industry should not be penalized nor painted with a broad stoke. Common sense.

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San Diego To Consider Banning Dog, Cat Sales At Retail Stores

Peking...untrue you say, but you offer nothing but a statement,

In 2011, over 200,000 dogs were brought into this country by shelters, like Mexico and S. America and even Europe. Shelters are Totally unregulated. If you think USDA regulated breeders are a sham, what do you think goes on in these countries?

I realize that sitting at the comfort of one's laptop can provide one with a cozy view of what one believes in. This isn't a criticism, it is just reality. But the truth comes at a price....research and an open mind. For instance, do you know that the HSUS is being sued under RICO statutes, violating Racketeering laws, lying on the witness stand in a case against Feld Entertainment group? (Google it!) The ASPCA has already elected to settle for $9.3M , while Mr. Pacelle has elected to continue the fight, which WILL cost him $10's of $$MM's of $$. And oh, by the way, HSUS also opposed the Animal Welfare Act....go ahead, do the research! And, if you didn't know, PETA sued Sea World in 2011 for anti slavery laws for keeping Shamu on their premises (go ahead, google it). Lastly, HSUS gives less than 1% of its budget to animal shelters. Isn't it odd that they don't say that on their commercials when they ask for your donations of $19.95/month?? (their tax records are a public document....go ahead...check it out).

The point here is that these people say and do anything and are not credible. What they want is to put ALL breeders out of business and for everyone to buy from shelters. Ask yoursef, where would our pets come from if they are successful? All shelters only SELL neutered and spayed animals.....makes one wonder, I should think. In one or two generations........bye, bye pets!

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San Diego To Consider Banning Dog, Cat Sales At Retail Stores

CA Defender...Even the high and mighty Wayne Pacelle, CEO of Human Society of the United States, supports responsible pet retail stores selling puppies. Check out his blog of Feb 27 2013 where he says and I quote " We thank the Obama administration for proposing this rule to deal with Internet sellers and to have them brought under the regulatory authority of the USDA, just like the large-scale sellers of dogs to pet stores."

WOW! In this one statement, he endorses both the USDA oversight (no matter what many of you think of this organization) and pet stores buying from USDA breeders Your broad stroke comment tying pet store dogs to puppy mills is simply tired rhetoric, a slogan without truth.

This is about choice. My chidren have enjoyed the wonderul experience of raising a puppy in their home. If you did your homework, you would know that shelters are the largest cause of the problem. They bring in dogs from overseas to sell for profit with absolutely no knowledge of its background. They also buy from unregulated breeders and having them shipped in vehicles I would not ride in, again to sell for profit.

Ask yourself this: How many stray dogs do you see running around San Diego? I havent seen one yet. Yet they claim they have 40 - 60,000 / year? Mmmm.

The store has the right to stay open. It meets all state and federal regulation plus pays taxes to our city. Your opinion is just that, opinion, and misquided at that. Opinion running commerce = dangerous!

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