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Comments made by LizzieSilverman

Highlights of Comic-Con International 2009

Hey Angela (and Aaron and Erika)! This is Lizzie - also from the epic line for Hall H. I thought 9 looked good, but was a bit surprised over how action oriented it was - probably not for the younger crowd like they originally intended. I stuck around for Legion (the concept for this film was appropriately described by the panel as "angels with machine guns") and District 9 (Peter Jackson's new film about an alien camp that's been set up in Africa). Overall I'd say the wait was worth it, and certainly not so bad considering I got to meet a few cool people along the way. True, the lines at Comic-Con are bad, but the people are on the whole the nicest I've ever met (and if anyone happens to be rude, it's understandable since they've probably been standing in the sun and/or a line for three hours). I attended True Blood, Dr. Who, and Torchwood - my three other must-attend panels for the weekend - and they were all awesome. I have already pre-registered for next year and look forward to the fun and insanity of another Comic-Con. Hopefully we'll run into each other again!

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