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Comments made by LoriSaldana

SANDAG Changing How It Prioritizes Highway, Transit Projects

Sometimes a little lawsuit goes a long way...towards better transit options for neighborhoods, cleaner air, reduced greenhouse gas emissions etc.

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Nurse Wanting Help For Marine Says Filner Made Unwanted Sexual Advances

to thompsonrichard - FYI, Kamala Harris was elected California Attorney General in 2010, not 2012, so the Obama and Filner campaigns did not influence her election.

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Political Watchers Say The Silence Of Insiders Enabled Filner

Both P-Duck and David make good points: Women don't want to come forward for a variety of reasons. They may think "this is a personal issue" and don't realize other women are dealing with the same thing.

Maybe they are initially flattered by what they think is special attention, rude and clumsy as it may be. Or they may fear loss of access to the person, even if he has treated them rudely: "go along to get along" as they say.

As I talked with women two years ago, I realized all of these scenarios were at work. The women I talked to felt these were isolated events, and/or didn't want to "make a big deal" about the harassment because they wanted to maintain a business relationship with then-Rep. Filner. They didn't feel victimized, merely shocked at his actions and concerned about how inappropriate he had been.

As the number of these discussions increased I became alarmed and began connecting the dots. Looking back, it's hard to believe I was the only one who saw this pattern developing, but by the time I counted 6 women, I believed that someone needed to bring this behavior to the attention of someone Filner trusted and respected.

None of the women asked me to take the action I finally did, which was speaking to the Chairman of the local Democratic Party and encouraging him to meet privately with Filner to encourage him to change his behavior. I suggested he arrange to meet with Filner along with other elected officials to impress upon him the importance of treating women differently as he made plans to run for mayor.

When I heard back from the Party Chairman later, he told me he had met with Filner but provided no details about the meeting. (I've since learned he met with him alone.)

He reminded me that "Filner is a single man, and can go out on dates," and also assured me that Filner told him "no one has filed a complaint against me," which suggested that both men completely missed the point of what I was trying to tell them:

These were not women he was dating (though he asked several to go out with him). These were not employees in his office. These were women Filner was interacting with during meetings that had been arranged as part of his Congressional responsibilities: site visits to their workplaces, evening receptions, public appearances at ribbon cuttings etc.

Bottom line from my perspective: Filner was acting inappropriately with women in his professional capacity, and if it continued, it would be at least embarrassing if not worse, not only for him, but for his supporters.

By then (Aug 2011) I was beginning teaching at SDSU, and was also focused on my congressional campaign. I stopped talking to people about Filner's problems, but soon realized he and others were well aware that I had expressed my concerns to the County Party Chairman.

I'll write about the effects of that another time.

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