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Comments made by MAmomof4

USD Blacklisting Speaker Over Gay Marriage Support Creates Fallout

Universities are supposed to teach students to be free thinkers. A move like this concerns me most because it is censorship, and causes me to question the school's ability to accomplish that goal. What's next science and other book censorship? What is the university afraid of? Are they not educating students to take information, question it, research both sides of a matter and form their own opinions? My guess would be on the loss of money from donors, which is extremely near sited. Would you rather isolate your students(who could be alumni who donate to the school), and potential future students, for short term financial gain?
Holy Cross, in my hometown of Worcester, MA, has threatened the expulsion of students in a safe room network - providing free condoms and pamphlets on how to protect your health. Of course they recited verbedum, the same We are a Catholic school and this how's against... blah, blah. It goes against a University's responsibility to keep it's students safe and healthy and a student's right to privacy. No one was complaining that HC wasn't providing life & reproductive saving measures to their students; Adults on this campus were simply helping one another in a private way. Of course civil liberty lawyers are all over this.
The most interesting part of all this, to me, is that you DON'T have to be Catholic to attend these schools. So they ARE breaking civil liberty and discrimination laws with these two examples - despite being a "private" school. Unless they choose to only accept practicing Catholic students; they should AND must be held accountable to this Nation's laws and be unable to hide behind their " private" status - which, in too many cases today, is being used to avoid their legal responsibilities to American students, staff, guests and surrounding communities.
I think the new pope has his work cut out for him and needs to decide the future of these institutions - these sort of issues are sure to cast a dark shadow over the future potential students. Either embrace the ability to show your students - and the world - that individuals all have a right to choose their own way (Does the Catholic Church not teach that man has free will?) - offer no public grandstanding that offers such a negative, narrow minded old world way of thinking to our World's future leaders, accept that others may choose to live a life that goes against what you are teaching those of Catholic faith - you don't need to condone it, but you should not condemn it - and then, and only then will those of true Catholic faith return to the Church - which is the new Pope's agenda. Live what you teach - let those who have committed no sin cast the first stone.

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