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Comments made by MBGal

Supporters Confident They Can Raise Funds For New Central Library

One thing that I think is very important in any debate is to learn the facts and to listen to different points of view. Much of what has been written shows that hasn’t happened here.

As Mayor Sanders said in a recent radio interview:
The difference is, though, is that this library, the money that’s being used for it could not be used to keep the other libraries open, and that’s what we talk about when we talk about different funding sources. Even if we wanted to, we couldn’t spend the money that we’re going to be spending on this project to keep other projects open or other libraries open.

What this means is that if we don’t build a library, we are leaving a lot of money on the table: the State Grant, the unprecedented $20 million for the charter school to be housed in the facility, the amount that has been raised from private individuals who are voting with their own dollars to see this happen, and even quite possibly the money from CCDC. It simply can’t be used for things in the City’s general budget. (Any why you bring up teachers is beyond me, since the San Diego Unified School District (also in trouble financially) is in no way affiliated with the city budget?) This is not a general pool of money that the city, or even the library budget, can use as it sees fit. Instead this is a case of “Take it or leave it,” in walking away from the unique opportunity to pool different sources of funds during a time when 1400 construction workers could use the new jobs the project would create.

As for whether libraries are “dinosaurs,” Ms. Barrow has stated that circulation of materials (even when counting books alone) is at an all time high, despite the fewer hours that we can access them due to budget cuts forcing shorter library openings. I was pleased to see that the Voice of San Diego verified the accuracy through a “Fact Check” and posted the results on July 6th.

No, I am not an engineer, but I do trust the opinion of one who has proven to be a giant in the industry. If Irwin Jacobs thinks there is a future in libraries, and he and his wife are willing to put their money on the line to prove it, that’s good enough for me! And Mr. Jacobs is not the only engineer who believes in libraries; Bill Gates did the same for Seattle.

So, please keep an open mind.

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Supporters Confident They Can Raise Funds For New Central Library

So let’s see, a new Charger’s stadium and an enhanced Convention Center are necessities, but building a learning center is not?

When, oh when, will we take a longer-term vision on maximizing human capital (the skills of our workforce), rather than on how many hot dogs are sold at a Padre’s game? Clearly, several of the earlier responders could use some serious education on homonyms and plain spelling. As a manager, they wouldn’t get any jobs I have to offer. A love of books and learning has to be a priority if we expect the next generation to compete in the business world. And by that, I don’t mean flipping hamburgers or being a barista!

As for the eco-friendliness, the author of that comment hasn’t researched the fact that the new library will be at least Silver certified under LEED requirements, and perhaps Gold.

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