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Comments made by MacJak

Shot Delays: Alternative Vaccine Schedules Mean Fewer San Diego Students Are Fully Immunized

Thank you for reporting on this important topic!
More and more parents are seeing perfectly healthy toddlers regress after vaccinations, and are not "irresponsible" for spacing or delaying some vaccines (or skipping some unnecessary ones altogether).
I have three kids, and they all received their pediatric vaccinations on schedule, and ALL THREE had problems with them (2 are on the autism spectrum). I trusted my doctors to be "the experts" and followed the recommended schedule, and my kids paid the price. If I were a young mother today, I definitely would NOT follow the current, bloated schedule (and I would skip vaccines for things that were not truly life-threatening) as obviously our family has some genetic tendencies that make vaccines very risky for us.
What is so frustrating for parents like me is that our government refuses to even study the kids who were injured, instead they call everything a "coincidence", and pretend these kids don't exist. My kids all responded to complimentary alternative medicine aimed at treating vaccine injuries, which included all the things the CDC claims don't work (special diets, methyl B 12 shots, chelation for heavy metals, targeted supplements). My experience has been that autism is most likely a combination of genetic susceptibility and environmental insult (in our case, the vaccines). Autism IS treatable, and more research should be focused on all environmental factors, including a very hard look at vaccines (despite the claims, proper vaccine safety studies still have NOT been done!). Parents like me are left to fend for ourselves.
I'm not ignorant, I'm not "anti-vaccine", and I'm most definitely not "anti-science". I'm a physical therapist who works with disabled children (and my aunt died of post-polio syndrome, so I am well aware of how devastating vaccine preventable diseases can be). After reviewing the available vaccine safety research, I have found that there are HUGE flaws and gaps that need to be addressed to restore public faith in the vaccine program. The CDC and American Academy of Pediatrics should be absolutely ashamed of their dismal handling of the autism epidemic, and have no one to blame but themselves for the decreasing public trust in our vaccine program. The "politics of autism" seem to be directing research, rather than what is best for the American children. What do the numbers have to be before we really address this devastating disorder and vaccines role in it? We now have 1 in 6 school aged children with some kind of a neurological disorder, 1 in 34 boys has autism. Is it any wonder parents feel the need to take control of their children's health? Our government certainly isn't looking out for our children. The CDC should be stripped any role involving vaccines. They've done such a poor, irresponsible job they can unfortunately no longer be trusted as a valid source of information in this area, which deeply saddens me.

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