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Comments made by Maria_Linda45

Port And Coastal Commission Work On Embarcadero Compromise

A city's waterfront is really its signature. It is the POST CARD image that is the face of any city lucky enough to be located on a bay or harbor.

Having PUBLIC ACCESS to San Diego's waterfront is VITAL.

I have to give the Port of San Diego credit where credit is due. I mean, they have a formidable task, to balance a multitude of uses of our bay-front: Military, Commercial, Industrial and Touristic. They do a pretty good job.

But they are dropping the ball bigtime when it comes to providing a pleasant waterfront for visitors and tourist alike!!!

We NEED public space near the Embaradero, space to gather as a Community, space to have recreation, Space to recognize the simple fact that we are a MAJOR PORT on Pacific Ocean!!!

We should be able to go downtown and FEEL like we are on the edge of the Pacific Ocean! Have you ever been to the GasLamp and thought to yourself,

"Where are we?" Can you see the water? No, Its been walled off!!!
Do you have a sense of place?
Do you realize you are steps away from a major waterfront?
How can you, the way the Harbor has been piecemeal planned for decades and the whole "waterfront" experience has been systematically walled off?!

You might as well be in downtown Pasadena! ( if only it was as nicely designed!)

Public Space and park space are part of a well designed waterfront that is both friendly to business interests and at the same time becomes an amenity to the entire region.

February 17, 2010 at 12:37 a.m. ( | suggest removal )

Considering The Future Of Downtown San Diego

This is about visioning what we want our community to be. Not only in the future. But right now!
The Central Library needs to be a top priority. There is still a huge "digital" divide. Not everyone has access to laptops, printers, Ipods, etc. I think people forget this. The library of the future is high tech, interactive, a space for people to gather, community rooms to meet up with friends or have meetings in, spaces for community groups, activities for youth, access to all kinds of media, etc.

Sure, some can do this all from the privacy of their living room. Some can carry the internet in their pocket in the form of a Blackberry or Ipod or whatever. Some want to "cocoon" themselves in their home and never leave their neighborhood. I think there is a new generation that is "anti-cocoon". They have had enough of gated communities and virtual reality. They want to walk vibrant streets again. They want to hang out in a community setting. They want to experience a great public space. They want to go to the library, maybe have a coffee as at Borders Books, meet a visiting author, then stroll to the Embarcadero and watch a sunset. They do drive to La Jolla, or downtown or out of their little suburb to experience life in the greater community. We are not recluses. We are not afraid of bumping into a homeless person or hearing someone talking in a foreign accent. We are more cosmopolitan and tolerant.

The library needs to be accessible to all levels of our society and a place that all can feel comfortable to come to and do research, study, access the internet, print out forms that may be needed for job applications, insurance, government etc.

February 16, 2010 at 3:04 p.m. ( | suggest removal )