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Comments made by MarijuanaDocs

California Politics Go To Pot

I have seen many clubs get raided in San Jose, Oakland, and San Francisco over the last 5 years. There have been many fake doctors as well trying to scam patients. I have a friend over at one of the Peninsula delivery locations that literally lives daily in fear of the DEA coming for her business. She delivers to cancer patients and has loyal customers that come to this area to see a specialist and get their deliveries for marijuana after they get transfusions, mri's, etc etc.

I am at odds as to the best way to control/tax/etc. But I think we have a lot of farmers in this country that could figure that out in a hurry with hemp.

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California Politics Go To Pot

I tend to get on the soapbox about this issue because of the rationalizations that were used in criminalizing marijuana. The propaganda that Anslinger used to gain fear that "colored" jazz musicians would corrupt their white children with drugs and music is just absurd in this day and age. It is a lobby issue and there are too many companies that are afraid of the ramifications of having hemp as a cash crop... and the pharmaceutical companies would have a serious problem as well. Lobbyists have been really putting it to politics for way too long now.

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