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Comments made by Marilu72

National City Psychologist Arrested For Selling Immigration and Social Security Forms

Dear Oskarin, It seems to me you have a personal motivation in condemning this man before the appropriate juristically system Does? It’s up to our justice system to prove if these evident against him are true or not true... It sound to me, you might be behind this accusation since you mention you know him personally and you’re not fond of Dr. Velasquez… I CAN SEE IN YOU COMMENT… ANGER, FUSTRATION AND BITTERNESS. However, let me include a list of authors who provide historical evident of Latinos being targeted and facing struggles and barrios trying to achieve the American Dream.
Frank D. Bean and and Marta Tienda , The Hispanic Population of the United States, 1988.
Earl Shorris , Latinos, A Biography of the People, 1992.
Frank de Varona, ed., Hispanic Presence in the United States: Historical Beginnings, 1993.
James D. Cockcroft , The Hispanic Struggle for Social Justice: The Hispanic Experience in the Americas, 1994. The Hispanic Almanac: From Columbus to Corporate America, 1994.
Bureau of the Census , Population Projections of the United States, by Age, Sex, Race, and Hispanic Origin: 1995 to 2050, 1997.
Nick Kanellos and and Cristelia Perez , Chronology of Hispanic American History, 1995.
Geoffrey Fox , Hispanic Nation: Culture, Politics, and the Construction of Identity, 1996.
Roberto Suro , Strangers Among Us: How Latino Immigration is Transforming America, 1998.
Mike Davis , Magical Urbanism: Latinos Reinvent the U.S. City, 2000.

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National City Psychologist Arrested For Selling Immigration and Social Security Forms

I can’t believe what some people will do to try to hang a successful Latino man who happens to have a Ph. D in Psychology. Dr. Velasquez has been known to be a strong advocate for Latinos psychological medical needs and a role model for up-coming future Latinos Psychologist and Minorities… and as he is still trying to form a path for future minority generations…Yet he is targeted and faulty accused of a petti crime at a federal level… it just shows how minorities are still being target and halt in achieving the American dream as they are still trying to leave a legacy for future minorities to follow. Marilu

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