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Comments made by MarkW

State Bill Introduced To Regulate DUI Checkpoints

The moral of this story is if you want to go drunk-driving, be sure in do it in Fairbanks Ranch!

(thanks for the link SANDIEGOUI)

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Pedestrian Activists Confront Streets That Are 'Dangerous By Design'


We live in the most beautiful, temperate climate in the U.S. -- and the sad fact is we can hardly bike or walk anywhere! So much for living in "paradise".

We've grown lazy and accustomed to curb-side convenience just about everywhere we go. I'm really hoping $8.00/gal gas will make us stop and reconsider our ways.

Here are some simple ideas:

- add dedicated bike "commuter" lanes running parallel to I-805 and I-15
- add rumble-reflectors to the bike lane line so that something more than a thin strip of paint is protecting bikers from vehicles
- make major work hubs bike accessible: sorrento valley / mission valley / etc.
- beef up mass transit so it actually *works*: smaller buses run more frequently, etc.

A few simple, practical ideas.

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What Role Does U.S. Play In Mexico's Drug War?


America tends to exaggerate the benefits of its so called "freedoms" -- and tends to minimize and ridicule communal interests as "socialistic".

Rampant drug abuse in our society (and let's face, prescription drug abuse is *just* as prevalent) points to a society trying to medicate away its pain.

What pain, you ask? The pain of living disconnected, self-absorbed and possibly meaningless lives. The pain of exalting wealth over community and family. And the pain of not wanting to face who we really are.

Deal with the pain and you'll cure the addict.

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KPBS Strengthens News Service


Mostly what I'll miss is "The Writer's Almanac" segueing nicely into "Performance Today" in the evenings. But I feel that you chose the next best thing by making Classical available 24x7 via streaming -- and let's face it:

(a) Classical's followership (and $ base) is dwindling - so economically this was a prudent response.

(b) Streaming radio represents an increasing format for listening anyway.

Now more than ever we need clear, level-headed news and analysis. KBPS is our best defense against CNN-style attention-deficit disorder-driven news rants. The financial crisis, the debt crisis, the healthcare crisis -- pick one. We need rational thought here and I'm glad KPBS is stepping up and delivering it!

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What Happens In San Diego If Feds Don't Lift Debt Ceiling?


Politicians are cowards! Most of 'em, anyway. They are cowards when it comes to making hard choices -- witness our own Mayor. And maybe we taxpayers are cowards too, for not wanting to face up to reality.

But the reality that looms large is that we've been binging on borrowed money at every level of our economy for far too long and we're about to get cutoff. The supply of suckers who'll keep fronting us "payday loans" is just about exhausted: Japan can't -- and China won't.

Unfortunately austerity will be a new experience for a lot of us. But I'm glad this discussion is percolating down to the local, grass-roots level. We taxpayers and voters will need to face the brutal facts, make the hard choices and get on with it. Then I'm sure our leaders will follow!

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Should Governments Make Happiness A Priority?


What can the (US) government do to increase the happiness (well-being) of its citizens?

(1) Downsize the military by 75%

Stop bankrupting the nation with these imperialistic, ineffectual military crusades in other countries (e.g. Iraq) and spend it on doctors for our sick residents.

(2) Treat non-Whites as true partners in our Democracy

Prisons are a growth industry in the US, especially among minority groups. Spend the money on schools and education (and birth control if necessary) instead.

(3) Stop subsizing corporate wellfare

That GE paid no taxes at all in 2010 says it all. Replace this with a flat tax or a consumption tax.

These 3 things would make me happy.

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Prop D Threats Prove Empty - So Far


I dunno -- but I can tell you how many it takes to respond to an emergency call: at least 7. When someone has a heart attack or other health crisis, I routinely see a fully equipped ambulance and a large fire truck respond. Most recently I saw 6 burly firefighters wheeling a guy out on a gurney -- plus 2 EMTs. The man was conscious and sitting upright and his condition clearly wasn't critical.

It struck me as grossly wasteful and almost laughable at the amount of overkill. An EMT on scooter with a portable defibrillator and a cellphone could have handled that situation. They could have showed up, assessed the situation and called in the heavy artillery only if absolutely necessary.

But the carnival I saw couldn't have made the problem any clearer -- massive waste on the minor stuff; negligence and mismanagement on the major stuff. The result? Brownouts and station closures. Nice.

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County Project To Provide Access To Healthy Lifestyles

NICE IDEA BUT ... Its no great secret why our kids in California are so fat -- for the same reason we adults are so fat: its just not safe to walk anywhere! We've managed to construct a labrynth of boulevards and freeways and on/off-ramps that make it impossible for kids to safely walk anywhere. So you end up shuttling them everywhere instead.

$16MM is a start, but it pales in comparison with the $400MM recently allocated for yet more lane expansions of the I-15 and I-5.

The best use of that $16MM would be to add more dedicated bike, jogger and pedestrian lanes throughout city. But my great fear is that, like so many well-intentioned initiatives, it will all be frittered away to pay consultants to conduct "feasibility studies" and no lasting change will come from it.

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Balboa Park Parking Plan Draws Fire

Dear Pat Finn............

I'm certainly not advocating making handicap access that much harder -- quite the contrary. In fact, any remaining parking in Plaza de Panama should be set aside for the truly disabled. But unfortunately our THINKING is handicapped, so much so that we can't envision life without door-to-door chauffeur service from our automobiles.

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Balboa Park Parking Plan Draws Fire

=== STOP MOLESTING OUR PARK! === Balboa Park is one of the rare instances where San Diego got it right: beautiful walkways, running paths, bridle trails, etc. integrated into the heart of downtown. And now you want to build a 3 story parking structure right smack in the middle of it? Once again, some developer stands to cash-in on a so-called public good. From the rendering, it will actually ENCOURAGE more car traffic along Laurel -- and I know of at least one runner who was hit and killed there in 2008...... And another thing: would it kill you to actually get out of your SUV and walk an extra block or two? There are plenty of half built-out construction sites along 6th that would make ideal parking garages.

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