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Comments made by MarthaMartin

Planned Parenthood Marks Its Golden Anniversary In San Diego

If you look at public health statistics over time you will see that the increase in the rate of participation in casual sex, which is facilitated by Planned Parenthood, increases the rates of STDs, unplanned pregnancy and abortion. Nothing political about that.

April 9, 2013 at 9:21 p.m. ( | suggest removal )

Planned Parenthood Marks Its Golden Anniversary In San Diego

In your homage to Planned Parenthood you make it sound like anyone who isn’t a supporter of this “marvelous organization” is really on the fringe. I am a KPBS listener, and used to be a supporter of public radio. But over the years I have begun to see the fallout from the sexual revolution and I find the agenda that KPBS supports objectionable.

Your piece highlights the fact that a big part of what Planned Parenthood does is test for STDs. One of the young people interviewed in your piece says Planned Parenthood “doesn’t promote sex;” they just make sure there’s a big bowl of condoms available – just in case. I think a reasonable person could connect the dots between Planned Parenthood facilitating casual sex and the much higher rate of STDs that we have now, v. 50 years ago. It may be that “only 5%” of what Planned Parenthood does is kill unborn human beings. Abortion is the business end, the money making end of the operation. The rest of what they do I would characterize as cultural pollution.

DiGiorgio Johnson says “a culture change around sex and sexuality in this country would probably be a good thing," but we’ve already had the cultural change. The rate of STDs has increased exponentially, 40% of babies are born to unmarried parents and, guess what, this results in an increase in child poverty rates. Are we missing the irony here? Availability of contraception and abortion were supposed to decrease poverty. Instead they’ve just cheapened sex.

CA may be a pro-abortion state, but there were 50,000 people at the San Francisco Walk for Life in January - and most of them were young. Could it be that the cultural elite promoting Planned Parenthood is actually the group on the fringe?

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