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Comments made by Mcgyver77

Security Breach: Are You Safe On SD Trains and Trolleys?

My Name is Transit Officer Sparks I am assigned as S-51 Coaster Main Line Rail Patrol.
Here are some examples of the contacts that I have been involved in.
1) Late night in " Rose Canyon area" dispatched for a reported person near the tracks with a " rifle".
2) January 26, 2012 on the track from North end of Solona Beach transit station to Chesterfield street ( 1.2 miles) I was adjacent to the track " at arms distance" as amtrack, Coaster trains were passing me at speeds up 75 MPH following a White Male adult who was removed from the station for " no fare ".
3) same situation during " Comicon", the person though he was walking South, In fact he was walking North.
4) When people are on the tracks we are dispatched. No law enforcement agency in this county knows the rail system from Santa Fe Depot to the County line better than myself and allen

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