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Comments made by MexicoDentists

Americans Head To Mexico For Cheap Dental Care

In the story Los Algodones is decribed as having once been a dusty border town. It's still a dusty border town today. There are no beaches, no palm trees, no all-inclusive resorts. There's absolutely nothing that could be described as a tourist attraction, and yet people travel to go there, just to see a dentist that they hope will be decent.

The better way is to visit a pre-screened dentist in a holiday destination. The advantages are: 1) you visit a dentist who's been pre-screened for compliant with North American standards for credentials, competence and track-record and 2) you get to enjoy a stay in a beautiful beach side tourist destination.

There's a company, Holiday Dental Inc., that's done all the ground work to ensure Americans are able to visit a dentist they can be confident in, a dentist that's been rigorously assessed and is located in a place that's actually enjoyable to visit.

August 17, 2012 at 6:06 a.m. ( | suggest removal )