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Comments made by MiLindo

Costs Of State's Illegal Immigrant Population

By the way it has nothing to do with the economy, it has to do with we have taken all the freeloading, pilfering, sneakiness, name calling, lying, and yes non-tax paying, sending our money to Mexico, we can take. We have watched all the cheating go on for years and since AZ spoke up, its time for San Diego to. You say the illegals pay taxes but can't collect the benefits, boo hoo, just because they use stolen SS numbers and get paid under the table we'er supposed to feel sorry for them. Oh, yes! but they pay taxes on their houses, I'm sure they do a discounted rate because they don't disclose all their earnings so qualify for less taxes. They no more ways to beat the system than Americans ever thought of......any PBS tries to sell us the sob stories and bill of goods.

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Costs Of State's Illegal Immigrant Population


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Costs And Benefits Of Illegal Immigration Are Unequally Distributed

By the way, can you imagine 20 years of taxes not being paid by one person? Multiply that by 30,000,000 and you wonder why Mexico is so quickly becoming a world power, and runs in the black, while we're in the red. San Diego is pegged as a sanctuary city. At first because the locals loved hob nobbing with the Mexican Wealthy, now Mexicans are our politicians, and the San Diego elite loves them even more. The smell of power, money and greed is selling out our City, State and Country to Mexico. Wonder if it will fell as good when they take over, their goal set to "get even". The Mexican young think they own Texas and Arizona right now, and smirch into our faces that in 10 years they will own America. Is that what KBPS and San Diego plans?

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Costs And Benefits Of Illegal Immigration Are Unequally Distributed

I can't believe we have to listen to Councilman Barrera a Mexican, once again tell us how much we benefit from illegals. Their pomposity alone more than grates on most Legal Americans nerves. The illegal in this article pays property taxes, yet he lives here on the lamb. Tonight I listened as you gave out numbers, which quickly added up to at least $100,000,000 (approx) as Barrera smiled into the camera and told us how it was worth it to the country. The numbers predigiously biased and low-balled. The other gentleman (lying through his teeth) verified that it was good to have illegals because they weren't old. Well, guess what, half of the elderly in Tijuana have been collecting SS checks from us since 1963 that I know of, and locals said it has been going on longer than that. Barrera grins into the camera and Gloria Penner smiles back. The fleecing of America right on KPBS, and you condone it, for what, political correctness? You even weighed the advantages of paying for illegals as opposed to border patrol? The sum for the costs of these millions of children, of which you claim are only 2,000,000, again low balled, doesn't count for the care of the pregnant mother who has 6 children at a pop because she gets paid for being pregnant then gets money for each child, a nice nest egg to fill in for her husbands under the table job.

I'm sure the documentary you will be showing will give the tired old sob story and hardships of Mexicos indigent followed by how they are good for our country. If you can't tell the truth, and want to give away America to Mexico, you just keep showing this propaganda, but I for one will never support your station. With all your nicy- nice Mexican biases documentaries that are supposed to make us more informed, thus more intelligent, you are selling our out country. Illegal is illegal, they are criminals, they should be profiled just as any other criminal. If there is a criminal with blond hair and a tatoo, that person is profiled. If there is a bank robber who is white, 6'2" tall, he is profiled, so it should be alright to profile and deport all the illegals San Diego harbors. You Gloria Penner, are helping them, should you be jailed?

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