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Comments made by MichaelM

How Long Will It Take To Bring High Speed Rail to California?

I can't think of a train system in the world that has ever survived without subsidy - in Europe, Asia, or anywhere, they are all subsidised - so I don't understand the fuss about this one having to be self sufficient. I would wager even commercial freight trains get subsidies in some form or other.

Remember: Air and automobile transportation have always both received massive subsidy in the form of airports and free highways. Why should trains be held to a different standard?

As for the trick of connecting HSR to local transportation, Mr. Tutto, you have a point, but that isn't a reason not to build it; it's just one more thing that will have to be worked out.

I'd much rather get on a fast train at a beautiful LA train station, do a little work, and disembark relaxed at my destination, than struggle with a much longer and potentially more expensive journey by air.

Furthermore, if HSR is so bad, why is China building so much of it?

Thanks, M

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