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Comments made by MichaelRice

Video Game Review: "Dark Souls

This review is great on overviewing the game itself as well as a brief hint on what is to be expected which can keep many gamers interested and want to play it. However there are some small details about the review which could be worked on. The grammer used is straight forward but some of it can be changed to give this review a more proffesional tone. A couple of examples would be "Now the only problem with this is that the online servers kind of suck right now, and sometimes summoning someone else fails or they bring with them a lot of lag." The use of "suck" is very immature language. Though this sentence has it's positive notes, it is important to ensure it keeps a mature tone when being used in a review. Another aspect of the review that can be improved is the comparing of the game "Dark Souls" to other games and movies. Though it gives some people an idea of what to expect the readers do not all know of the other games stated earlier or the movies given near the end of the review. This can cause some confussion among readers and even push some away from the game if they personally disliked the games or movies used in comparison. It is best to try and not compare the game to other games and movies in order to avoid gamers basing their opinion on the comparisons made.
Even if this review has things which can be improved it is very well done on giving people an idea of what this game has to offer. As a gamer myself I will most likely try out this game and apparently enjoy it.

October 18, 2011 at 7:49 p.m. ( | suggest removal )