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Comments made by Michael_Polidori

Hoax Revelation Won't Change Mother's Mind About Autism And Vaccines

The only thing new in the British Medical Journal (BMJ) news is the enthusiastic support it gets from editor Fiona Godlee who has undoubtedly given up her integrity to drug money or threats to her job.

The "article" in the BMJ is not written or co-authored-by anyone with medical or scientisfic qualifications. It is by Brian Deer, a free lance reporter who works for James Murdoch (owner of The Sunday Times). Murdoch is a paid director of Glaxo Smith Kline (MMR maker), (75,000 pounds a year).

Deer simply repeats old stories from 2004. Dr Andrew Wakefield refutes Deer here-

Fiona Godlee has sold out. Not only does she permit a reporter to publish lies in a medical journal, she co-authors an editorial slamming Dr Wakefield based on Deer's lies & nothing else
Godlee goes further claiming the GMC did a forensic dissection of the 1998 paper. They did not. At the outset the GMC declared they were not persuing the science of the paper, only the ethical conduct of 3 authors.
Godlee enthusiastically lies about Dr Wakefield, both with apparent venom & sheer delight

That vaccines injure many children & adults is undeniable fact.

Vax are correlated to Gulf War Syndrome -
Squalene is banned in the USA, but many of our soldiers were vaccinated with it

Vaccination in farmed salmon causes autoimmune disease -

Adjuvant oils used in vaccines cause Lupus-like symptoms in rodents

There are scores of other studies supporting/related to these, yet the FDA/CDC refuse to do human clinical studies or require clinical studies be done by vaccine makers to determine what long or short term effects vaccines & their toxins have in the most vulnerable --- infants & children with immature immune systems, developing brains and other susceptible organs.

The unregulated/poorly-regulated drug industry is the greatest threat/crime ever perpetrated against children or people... surpassing even the Holocaust in the measure & length of suffering it is causing WORLDWIDE to hundreds of millions of people including immediate families taking care of the disabled.

1999-204, just one drug, Vioxx, was pushed to market through fraud and bribes by scientists, regulators, media, politicians & drug executives. Over 6 years of fraud threats bribes & fake journals Merck manged to kill an estimated 60,000 with an additional 120,000 maimed... JUST IN THE USA (according to The Lancet). Worldwide the #s are not even estimated. Merck sold $11.5 billion dollars worth of Vioxx & can never be punished enough for the murders it committed. They refuse to repent, admit fault, or properly compensate their victims.

Merck makes 12 vaccines

Dr Wakefield is a hero of modern medicine &d deserves our full support, encouragement & thanks

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