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Comments made by MiguelF

Thousands May Serve Sentences In The Community, Not Locked Up

Here are my thoughts ---> No this is wrong. Why do we need to hire 75 probation officers? we need more information in this article. How many probation officers are there now? How many parolees do they each handle? The State is simply dumping the problem on us. The problem is the parollee's not San Diego county's. By doing the math, it seems one officer can handle 26.6 persons who are "non-violent, non-sexual offenders". We then pay $106,000.00 for each of the 75 officers? 75 people also require a building and other resources which are not mentioned. It is not Mack Jenkins or the "committee of other law enforcement leaders" job to recommend only ==== one === option, else that would be a conflict of interest. This is just bad government. Here is an option: require each person on parole to monitor themselves by posting their status to the parole website or use existing resources to post their status. When the parole person is transfered they should sign the exit statement.

September 27, 2011 at 7:30 p.m. ( | suggest removal )

Are Roadside Call Boxes Necessary or Outdated?

The call boxes should be removed immediatly. How much more evidence is required to show this is not required. The auditing should have caught this years ago. Another example of the "fleecing of America". Auditing is obviously broken, I am wondering how many other of these types of obsolete services may still exist. Any monies in the "call box" account should be returned to the tax payers or return to the general fund of the cities involved in the county (call box account mgmt folks should simply work with DMV which collects the fee to determine where the monies originated from and reverse the charge. This is already a redundant service as well as obsolete. We also have the "free way patrol vehicles" that check for cars that are "stuck" on top of highway patrol and local police that also travel on freeways, which also check for stranded vehicles. I vote to donate my share to the elementary school district.

September 27, 2011 at 7:02 p.m. ( | suggest removal )