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Comments made by Mike808

Should California Move Forward With Plan To Build High-Speed Rail System?

I say we continue to burn oil in my car sitting in congested highway traffic. I also don't think that the population will grow at all. I don't foresee any new drivers so traffic will stay exactly like the way it is today, forever. And oil is not depleting, we have enough to last until our sun explodes, the prices will never increase. And unlike "MM" I would rather be UNPRODUCTIVE and stare mindlessly at the vehicle in front of me. That's way much better than working on the laptop, reading a book or doing something of value.
Environment. Seriously? Lets start with your Car; battery, tires, oil, gas, antifreeze, oil based cleaning chemicals, washing in the driveway which drains to the sea. Food; plastics, bug killing chemicals, preservatives, etc.
Both cars and food have manufacturing plants that have some kind of machinery that is polluting the environment. What are you doing to save the land other than killing a rail system?
So anyways, if you haven't figured it out, I'm being sarcastic. Unless the world has a major catastrophe and the population is wiped out, I don't see how we as a people can't embrace mass transit systems and alternative energy. Yeah, it's gonna cost money, what doesn't. Paying now is much better than waiting. In 10 years will it be cheaper? Will the traffic problem go away? No, thus we need to do something now.
I'm from Hawaii, I remember a decade something ago when the government was willing to subsidize a rail system. Same thing happened there where people were worried about the environment and aesthetics. Have you ever been to Hawaii? It's an ugly concrete jungle, yeah you can look and see green mountains and blue ocean but inbetween is roads, houses, buildings and way too much traffic. So now Hawaii is again debating a rail system, this time the state is going to pay the bill and it's going to be more expensive. I'm not saying that we should follow Hawaii or do anything associated, I'm just using them as an example.

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Republicans Not On Board With Brown's Budget

Oil and banks are related. Who owns the oil and bank corporations? I'm betting someone or some group rich and powerful. Rich and powerful enough to have an interest in elected officials. Interest meaning sponsoring, endorsing, etc. Oil/Banks want to be interested to in our elected officials because they can influence policies to suit corporate needs. Everyone has an agenda.

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Financial Emergency Declared In State Schools

Sad but I like how mrblair and lynx4 are thinking outside of the box. Outside of the box meaning using brains and common sense.

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Wave Of Seniors With Substance Abuse Problems Enter Medicare

Isn't America great? Just party and make all the wrong choices for a lifetime and then rely on the government and my taxes to pay for someone else's lifetime of mistakes.

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Rural Residents Fear Proposed Energy Projects

Alternative energy is bad. We should continue to use fossil fuels until it's all gone and then hit the panic button. I agree that we should worry about our property values because I'll need to sell my house at the highest possible price so I can continue to afford to pay the expected raises in fuel prices.
Alternative energy is also bad because it uses wind and sunlight which are plentiful and non destructive (minus wind storms and heat stroke).
Again we should continue to use fossil fuels and trust in my catalytic converter to keep the smog levels low.
Health concerns: Infrasound. Ok. Could be a problem. But that's why soundproofing materials and capabilities have been designed. I hope that the health concerned individuals aren't smokers, eat healthy, exercise and do all the other things concerned with health and not just worry about the wind tower infrasound as an excuse to not build because in reality they just don't want to see it and that's all they can come up with.

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The Gospel Of High-Speed Rail Still Has Many Doubters

I agree with Glen. San Diego to Vegas. I drive it every weekend. Almost every car I see has California plates. I pay at least $80 for gas. So if the rail ticket costs anywhere around $80 but could get me there much faster (I sat in San Bernardino traffic for an hour on one trip), then I would definitely use the rail vice driving.
Future growth/expansion. Why wait. Population growth is not declining.

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Chula Vista Forced to Downgrade Its Graffiti Cleanup Program

hboooo. What's your address? I want to put some "culture" on your property.

I don't want to see someone's tag spray painted on my property. I wouldn't mind seeing actual art and that's something that the city or community should probably set aside an area, a billboard or something where people can express themselves. But if it's not available, don't break the law, petition your case and get something legal set up.

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Entertainment News: First Look at New Spidey

I'm old. I read comics when I was a kid. I feel that the majority of the comic based movies are horrible. I can understand small changes and I don't expect the movie to be exactly the same as the comic. But it seems to me that it's all crap, just graphics and flash to hook you. Not that that's bad, but the stories are weak.
I liked the Sam Raimi series. I'm not interested in the new Spiderman. Not interested in Thor, Xmen (totally way off from the comics), or Avengers.
Comics where they have done a good transition to movies are Batman (Christian Bale series), Watchmen, Spiderman (Sam Raimi), Sin City, 30 days of night, etc.

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Escondido May Face Class-Action Lawsuit Over Checkpoints

I don't feel sorry for him or anyone else that's not following the law.
You get what you deserve. How hard is it to follow the rules? Rules and laws are designed for public safety. Hypothetically let's say Rich Dudka is driving with no license, no insurance and he smashes into your car. Obviously he doesn't have any money so you'll be paying for everything. Yet another reason why insurance premiums are so high. Sure you can take him to court, but he's got no money. Useless.
So my bottom line is that we have too many freedoms that people take advantage of or don't fully appreciate. Follow the law. Really, how hard is it to get a drivers license?
You could be in another country where you wouldn't even get to argue your point and then get thrown in jail where they don't have humanitarian laws. I'm ranting now.

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