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Comments made by Mocha

San Diego Files Complaint To Shut Down North Park Medical Marijuana Dispensary

Pot shops are abusive, illegal, and not wanted in our communities. This particular pot shop’s customer recently assaulted and adjacent business owner as reported in the news. It’s outrageous that this pot shop has no permits to operate and it allowed to degrade the quality of the neighborhood. Good for the city to enforce the law, especially against pot shops/dispensaries and their fraud. Only 3% of people using Medi-pot have cancer, the vast majority are young and healthy and abusing the system. Reverend Scott T. Imler,co-author of Proposition 215 said this: “We created Prop. 215 so patients would not have to deal with the black market profiteers. But today it is all about the money. Most of the dispensaries operating in California are a little more than dope dealers with store fronts.” - Alternatives Magazine, Fall 2006, issue 39. Reverend Scott T. Imler also said, “When we wrote Proposition 215, we were selling it to the public as something for seriously ill people... It’s turned into a joke. I think a lot of people have medicalized their recreational use.”- San Gabriel Valley Tribune, February 15, 2007.

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Medical Marijuana Dispensaries On The Ballot In Four Cities

I agree with Mayor Janney and oppose pot shops in IB. If the ordinance passes, IB will become a pot sanctuary city, not good for its image, residents, or businesses. Prospective and current pot shop owners have put $50,000 dollars to try to get enough votes to pass this illegal ordinance. IB is fighting for its life against the financial strengths of the pro-pot lobby and their pot shop owners. Pot shops facility abuse and access to fraudulent “medical” use of pot, this is harmful and not safe.

Let’s listen to community members and not pro-pot lobbyists and prospective pot shop owners who look to make a profit off our healthy young people. Proposition 215 and SB 420 don’t mention marijuana dispensary storefronts and the State Attorney General marijuana guidelines on this issue states, “Although marijuana dispensaries have been operating in California for years, dispensaries, as such, are notrecognized under the law.” Nowhere in California’s laws or the State Attorney General’s marijuana guidelines does it allow marijuana to be sold. California laws allow for caregivers and their marijuana users to gather collectively to operate in a closed circuit network, but not for profit as a commercial enterprise. Nobody is getting in the way of this true relationship.

It’s also important to refute the need of illegal pot shops, because there are hundreds of delivery services found online fighting for business that will delivery 24/7 to your door. There is no need for pot shops, but shop owners will falsely claim their operations are legal and needed, just so they can make a profit in IB.

Let’s vote no against pot shops this November.

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