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Comments made by Mom

UCSD Minority Students Walk Out Of Teach-In

Finals are in a few weeks. I'd hate to see people failing classes because they are distracted by:

1) a DVD release party that someone, without checking, blew up into something it never was; and,

2) the glamor of being involved in "a cause" which seems so important, so deep... only to those directly involved in it. What credibility these kids had in my eyes, and any sympathy I had for them, has vanished directly as a result of their behavior.

To those directly involved, just to refocus you for a moment: You fail those finals, you'd better expect people to say "don't let the door hit you on the butt while you're moving out of the dorms", because there are hundreds of kids who are waiting to get into the school. And you will have to pay back the student loans, with or without a degree.

The administration didn't have to cancel all their appointments, give staff two hours off (paid) to attend the "teach in" and encouraged them, and the faculty, in the strongest possible terms to attend the meeting. But they did. That's what academics do - they meet and try to find common ground. The response? You didn't meet all our demands right away so we're walking.

My current feeling about it all? Walk. And don't let the door hit you too hard on your butt as you go through it. There are hundreds of kids waiting for a slot in the university. Good luck paying back your student loans without a degree.

Enrollment -
African-American 368 2%
Asian 10,248 44%
Mexican-American 2,344 10%
Filipino 1,035 4%
Latino/Other Spanish 667 3%
Native-American 92 0%
Caucasian 5,986 26%
Other/Undeclared 2,403 10%

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UCSD Students Blast Chancellor Over Racially Charged Incidents

No, the point is that a group of students went off - without checking the facts - on a bit of gossip, slandered another group of students, caused disruption on campus, made a number of reports to officials that had the University apologizing profusely for something it had no control over, and damaged the reputation of a solid institution. The kids ~all the kids~ have final exams coming up soon. The last thing they need is someone to be playing with their emotions. Everyone's upset, not just one group.

And, yes, in this case, the bad bad media ~was~ bad. They picked up an undocumented story and ran with it - making wild accusations without checking facts. Yesterday I heard NPR radio stating that it was a party run ON campus and run by a fraternity. I expected better of them.

You state that you suspect Jigga is capitalizing on the press to further his sales. I bet his sales are picking up big-time - but why is it you suspect he's jumping in late? I don't know if he is or is not capitalizing on this or if he hosted the party. It certainly looked like he was involved, but I didn't attend so I can't be sure. But I didn't go off on a tear without making sure of the facts first, either.

The victims here in this situation, so far and until proven otherwise, are the frat members who have been slandered by a group of people who got into a mob mentality and exploded without thinking, UCSD's reputation, and, by default, ~every~ other student, staff, and faculty there.

As to the Koala, they insult everyone in the crudest possible manner. I can't think of a group they have not slandered, mocked, and disparaged. Welcome to the club. Leaving a note that says someone ought to be lynched in a place where the writer knows it will upset the finder is hardly a threat when the Koala is involved. It's just more of their obnoxious button-pushing. I dislike them, but they have their place. They remind us that the world is NOT sanitized and homogenized. They are the thorn that reminds you that you better learn how to deal with these types, because they exist and they are not going away. Ban them from campus? Fine. The shock to the kids will be twice as hard when they run into them "in the real world."

I've spent a lot of time on campus. My experience has been that if a student reports even a whiff of anything that can be labeled "discriminatory" it's taken very, very seriously. If an employee makes comments that are not in compliance with the "Principles of Community", they're outa there before they can take their next breath. (Tenured faculty - well, once you've got tenure you have to practically axe-murder someone to be let go. But they're not immune to censure.) UCSD is, as are many institutions, a completely artificial environment. The administration goes out of their way to sterilize and sanitize it for the students. For better or worse.

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UCSD Students Blast Chancellor Over Racially Charged Incidents

The kids at the Koala are notorious jerks. The Administration CAN do something about them, and it's probably past time.

As for the "racially themed" party, what I have heard is that it was a DVD release party by a Gangsta Rapper named Jigga2Jones and NOT a slam-on-blacks put on by a fraternity. Assuming it's legit, there's a video on You Tube under "Compton Cookout" and his name.

~If~ it's legit, the media's playing the wrong slant on this story. Perhaps they should do something about THAT.

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