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Comments made by MrBrown

Union Pickets Kaiser Hospital In San Diego

I am happy to see people excersizing their right to organize, but I fear it may be too late...It is not a coincidence that although they are are picketing and striking, there are so many people out of work that they may fail at what they are standing up against. Seriously, a "bad economy" is the perfect time for corporations to "trim the fat" and that is exactly what they are doing. Come one people, all we have to do is choose. We can choose to not be a part of this opressive system that promotes nothing but cronyism and submission. WE, the PEOPLE, are the majority. Why is that large corporations are allowed to treat us this way? They ,as well as the banks, should be held for treason, and domestics terrorism agaisnt the American People. Laws are supposed to reflect the collective views of the population and they clearly do not. I realize that money is tight but WE, the people, the WORKING CLASS, did not cause the economy to collapse. It was the Banks, and the Corporations and the people on office who allowed it to happen... and believe me it was done DELIBERATLY. Of course we are expected to react violently, and we will, eventually. When we do, the military will be put into place to police us under martial law. It is not about how much money they, (banks, corporations) can make anymore... It is about how much they can take away from us. Don't you realize that is all that is happening. We are making NO progress as a society, we are going backwards. Forced Vaccines, controlled media, fear being shoved in our face to make us agree with whatever we are told. What war on terror? This is a non-existant war, there is no clear cut enemy, therefore there will be no end. WAKEUP PEOPLE, Its been 10 YEARS, we went in for Bin Laden and now we are setting up an invasion in to Libya. Who are we fighting? Other poor people!!!. WE,the AMERICAN PEOPLE, have nothing to gain with what is going on today in the USA, from the wars, to the tax hikes to the cuts in services, I mean come on, we are being forced to BEG for tax hikes so that our social servicec and eduction don't get cuts. You don't think the Banks, and corporations and those who protect them are laughing at us while we beg the administration to raise our taxes. The time is now, a unified WORKING CLASS is what we need... It is not about race or religion, it is about how we are being treated. GENERAL STRIKE, if we choose not to be apart of the system, what can be done, nobody can force you to go to work. Everything will stop... A day without the WORKING CLASS, lets try it out.

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New Law Requires Whooping Cough Vaccine

I think we need to be extremely careful on the road we are heading down. Forced vaccinations are something that shouldn't happen. I realize the "risk" of not getting the vaccination, and I feel for the families that lost a loved one to this virus but I don't think it merits a new law to be implemented. Every year its something new, SARS, bird flu, swine flu, West Nile, and now the whooping cough. Honestly, it sound to me like a great marketing campaign. Look, not to go too far off the subject but there are other illnesses that demand more attention than Whooping cough. Look at diabetes. Why is it that these days it seems like everyone has diabetes? People say, " We need to eat healthier." That may be true, but if such a large group of our population is being affected by this than we need to make a serious change, not just in our diet, but in our food industry. The truth is that most of what we have available to us for food is over processed and corn based. Even the milk we drink comes from corn fed cows. Lets not forget the food chain people, if cows eat corn then we eat the cow, well u know the rest. No alarms are be sounded over diabetes, Why? because people would begin to ask questions like, "Well, if it is so bad for us, then why is it allowed to be sold to us?" ... Anyway, before I go too far off track, I don't think that Pertussis was as horrible as it was made to be. I think it was utilized as a tool to pass a law that forces us to accept, government mandated vaccinations. The problem is this law sets a precedence in our history. In the future whenever people disagree with whatever forced vaccination we are given, the state will always refer back to this law. If genuine research is done on an illness, and the info is released to the public, the public will CHOOSE to get the vaccinations. We are all adults, and we shouldn't be forced to do anything. To tell us that our children WILL be denied an education because we do not agree with letting someone inject them with something that we do not have enough information on is wrong. Why do we have to be scared or frightened into accepting things now-a-days? Has it ever occurred to anyone that it may not be that these viruses are becoming stronger, but that it is our immune system that is becoming weaker? Lets practice a little more caution when allowing these types of laws to get passed. Don't let your emotional state override your mental capacities. Fear is always at the root of most laws being passed. Forced Vaccinations? I don't know... it sounds unnecessary to pass a law because of a strong cough, I personally do not know anyone who has had it. Let us not forget, everything Hitler did was LEGAL. Just because something is a Law does not make it right... Who voted for this law anyway?

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