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Comments made by MrDon

Doing Time in Donovan State Prison

MrDon 8/24/10
I realize this is an old article, yet I hope that my thoughts are read. I've a stepson in Donovan Prison. Hopefully he will be out in February of next year. Having Spinal Meningitis as an infant, he had a lot of speech therapy as a child. He'll never be mentally more than 16, half his present age. Just wanting to "fit in" got him into trouble early in life. Not having the capacity to hold a steady job or keep his car properly registered found him homeless. Being unable to pay court fees or keep appointments at "programs" designed for the "better heeled", he kept going back to jail. Get arrested for technicalities enough times and one ends up in Donovan. When he gets out, he'll be given a set of rules to abide by and an 18-month traffic school he not only cannot afford but has no means of getting to. (Maybe if he slept in the bushes outside the place...however that would get him arrested.) Does anyone see the cycle here? What madness is it when there is talk of closing prisons? Dropping treatment programs just turns "the system" into a revolving door. His last sentence came due to his failure to dim his headlights. Maybe if we tightened our borders, stopped the welfare program payments to illegals and started mass-deportations, the money and inmate space saved would ease the overcrowing at places like Donovan. As soon as an illegal has done his time, put him on a state bus to Mexico. At least that would be one more barrier to the revolving door at the gates of Donovan for him, and one extra bed in the dormatory.

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