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Comments made by MsBJD

Coastal Commission Rejects S.D. Sewage Waiver

After 30 years, one would have thought that the local city governments could have come up with a PLAN by now. This lack of vision and foresight is so troubling.

This city has the worst infrastructure of anywhere I have lived.
Poor, poor roads (and we have no inclement weather here, people).
Ruptured water mains on a regular basis.
AND now a sewage system that only looks good compared to Tijuana.
Is that a Standard to hold ourselves up too?!?!

What a shameful lack of vision this city has had.
No Courage or real foresight has been shown by our local "officials" in so many arenas here and the "status quo is fine" attitude has been too prevalent in San Diego for too long!
The health of our oceans, beaches, the health of a resulting economy from tourism, and THE People who live and play here SHOULD have been considered long before now.

I agree with the Costal Commission.
AND YES San Diegans - it will cost you some money.
Grow up.
Someone once said,"There is no a free lunch"...and we need to stop being such tight-wads and think about more than our wallets!

San Diego has had enough time to act like a responsible member of the coastal society here in California.
Now we'll Have To do something...
I hope what we Do, has more vision than we've managed here in our recent past!.
B. Davenport San Diego, CA 92120

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The High Cost of Health Care (Part 4)

Listening to the Encore presentations today regarding Health Care Reform, I was amazed at the attempt by Brian Bilbray to "distract" us from the point of this forum.
The POINT IS- This current health insurance system is Broken!

WHAT are you going to do FOR THE PEOPLE to get it fixed, Brian?
The Bait-n-Switch you tried to use is NOT going to work, again. This is just "the latest" weapons of mass-destruction baloney from you guys.
We out here are getting Tired Of This Name Calling, BLAME THE OTHER GUY game - when you have Nothing To Offer In place of a real idea!
Bin-Laden is still OUT THERE and there WERE NO WEAPONS of Mass Destruction in Iraq -except the economic policies of the Bush/Cheney era and a war that no one worried about "funding" for 8 years!
THIS IS about America... and the Health INSURANCE Mess Needs to be Fixed, NOW.

If the insurance companies DID NOT RULE Health CARE like dictators and the Doctors could practice medicine---maybe more young people would choose to become doctors... Ever Consider THAT ONE?

I have lived in the county for 13 years.
I am 57, unemployed, divorced, not getting ANY unemployment benefits as I was in school the past 3 years (paid for out of MY OWN Pocket), I am living off my dwindling IRA, have been crushed by the laissez-faire nonsense that GAVE US the FINANCIAL CRISIS of the last 2 years+, AND I am paying a mortgage... barely.
Brian, I cannot afford to get health insurance now.

Will THAT be the "thing" that will get me some special consideration here in your eyes? If being a natural born American Citizen doesn't work- Will you do something FOR ME now that you know I surf, too?!?

WHAT EXACTLY IS YOUR PLAN to "fix" this, because it needs fixing!?
What do you have to offer?
More of the same?
It Isn't Working, honey! The same old game Ain't Enough!

Is "The Plan" you have to Disrupt the town-hall meetings where "we the people" want to be heard...
Is Disruption all you have to offer?
THAT IS NOT Governing. Chaos IS NOT order...nor is it leadership!

IF You DON'T (and I include the entire Republican Party in this) have anything better to offer than the "status quo" - please don't run again!
Please, don't.
Let someone RUN for the seat who can THINK, someone who will Think For Themselves beyond the party, and Be enough of their "own man/woman" to come up with constructive IDEAS. Someone willing to Be An American and move beyond the party-supplied "punch-lines"!

If this country is in a quagmire, it is because the Republican Party insists on acting like a bunch of spoiled brats - and not acting like LEADERS of THE USA.
What Happened to this party???

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