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Comments made by Mugsy51

What's Next For Proposed Quail Brush Power Plant?

Do we need this power plant? The CEC says the state has 30% more power than is needed on peak energy days. By 2020, if the building trend continues, California will be 60-80% overbuilt on power plants. California population is not increasing as predicted. . Someone mentioned an older plant may come offline. Many plants are built on land owned by SDG&E and they have threatened to not renew leases. People talked about brownouts and blackouts. In the past, often these were the result of injudicious closing down too many plants at the same time for maintenance. Why this site? It is close to electric transmission and gas lines so Cogentrix doesn't have to spend a lot of money building pipes, etc. The fact that it is within a Very High Fire Hazard Severity Zone and within 1000 feet of Santee residences and 600 yards from West Hills High School, West Hills Park, the Little League Ballpark, numerous daycares and mobile home parks inhabited by many elderly with respiratory problems does not matter to them. They admit their plant will emit over 204 tons of noxious gases per year running at 42%. Why would a for profit company operate at 43% when they could operate at 96 % and make money? On May 1, 2012, Cogentrix made a minor change and requested "no limits on annual operating hours be placed on the final agency permit".. Add to that the 2-7% leakage factor and that is significant pollution in a city that is already rated in the dirtiest 20% in the nation.for air pollution. Homefacts gives Santee a 1.1 out of 10 for air quality and terms it "breathable" Air quality standards were not taken in Santee, but in Del Mar, Escondido, Alpine and El Cajon. Anyone who has been in Santee on a 100+ day with no air motion in the valley can explain how we are just like Del Mar with the ocean breezes. Actually, we don't know what green house gases come from natural gas because American companies are not required to report ghg emissions. Gas drillers are also exempt from provisions of the Safe Drinking Water Act, the Clean Air Act, the National Environmental Policy Act and the Emergency Planning and Communications Right to Know Act.. Does Cogentrix comply with LORS? No, it violates the City of San Diego General Plan, East Elliot Community Plan, Zoning Ordinances, Steep Hillside Guidelines, Mission Trails Design, Ordinance and Design Management and the Multi Species Conservation Program. It is inconsistent with the San Diego General Plan, the Current Community Plan, the Current Zoning Laws and the Mission Trails Master Plan Update They will need a boundary adjustment from MSCP which has to be approved by the Department of Fish and Game.. The traffic data is 4 years old, taken from 2008.. Have they looked at alternative sites? Yes, 3 other sites very close to the one they picked. For more information go to the CEC site, click Power Plants, then Quail-Brush. There's CEC info, Cogentrix info and letters from the Public. Do some reading. It's enlightening.

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