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Comments made by Myla_Reson

Behind The Scenes In The CPUC Investigation Into San Onofre

Readers may wonder why our California Public Utilities Commission (CPUC) is allowing Edison to continue to gouge ratepayers for Edison's bad and wreckless management decisions.
Perhaps it's because the current CPUC President, Michael Peevey is a former President of Edison.
Hasn't Governor Brown noticed this glaring conflict of interest?
Perhaps it's time to call Jerry Brown (916.445-2841) and remind him of his authority to remove Peevey immediately and end the obvious collusion between Edison and the CPUC.

March 18, 2013 at 11:34 a.m. ( | suggest removal )

Feds Inspect San Onofre's Cyber Security Training Amid Years of Employee Complaints

On February 19, 2012 we learned via cnet news that PG&E's Diablo Canyon nuclear plant to our North "was at least partly under the control of hackers" and that the intruders were trying to identify the operations, organizations, and security of U.S. nuclear power-generation facilities." See "China's cyberwar: Intrusions are the new normal" by Declan McCullagh.
Now we learn - thanks to Amita Sharma excellent reporting that Edison is complacent about a very real vulnerabilty at its damaged nuclear power plant.
This is yet more evidence that Edison's license should be revoked - and that their hazardous nuclear facility be demcommissioned before it's too late.

February 27, 2013 at 8:40 p.m. ( | suggest removal )

San Diego Has Yet To Weigh In On San Onofre

Hi Amita,
Thanks for your story on San Onofre. FYI: On Friday, Dec 14th the LA City Council passed an alternate resolution referring the Koretz / Rosendahl Resolution on San Onofre to to Energy & Environment Committee. The substitute resolution offered by E&E Committee chair Jose Huizar asked the NRC to hold off on its determination about whether or not to require a license amendment and an evidentiary hearing until the LA City Council has weighed in. The LA City Council E&E cmt will meet on Wed. Jan 16th at 2PM
I'm hoping San Diego will act and act soon. Edison's damaged reactors should be decommissioned - not restarted - the NRC must require a license amendment prior to making a determination about allowing Edison to implement its plan to run one of its badly damaged reactors to run at 70% power for five months...and see what happens.

December 24, 2012 at 9:16 a.m. ( | suggest removal )