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Breaking News: Bill Cosby Convicted Of Drugging And Molesting A Woman (Posted 04/26/18 at 11:11 a.m.)

Comments made by Napi

How Are U.S. Forces Preparing For Withdrawal From Iraq?

American forces ?? You mean globalist forces..don't you ? NAU forces..NWO forces..Plutocratic forces..fascist forces..there is no America..just globalists making hay while the sheep eat lawn grass and sip propaganda gins..
never will wake up clones pumped up on BS and self interest.

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Can A Libertarian Be An Advocate For Social Justice?

Globalists own the planet and all the best, lawyers, liars, politicians that money can buy. Arguing over ideologies and politics is just exactly the way they want you, divided, deluded, and destroyed as a Nation. NWO..NAU..UN., WHO, World Bank, IMF, Carlyle Group, all just more Bilderbuggering criminals and traitors..smoke that in your crack pipes.. to name a few of the globalists pillaging and capturing your, our, senate, supreme courts, north and south..globalists in the big chairs..congress, party, the one party two headed players, with globalist hands so far up their bums it is pathetically obvious who runs the show.. not voters, not Presidents,..globalists and their money..corruption rules..
America, Canada are dying, being choked to death..euthanised by their globalist owned lackies in govt.. and the rest of the countries all crashing are just ..coincidence ? AH right..od'd on lawn grass still ?
Split irrelevent hairs..? Waste time contending while the money pigs steal you blind, impoverish, enslave and imprison you..Heh..good discourse alright..nothing but. FEMA has a plan for YOU..:0)

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What Did Mayans Think Would Happen in 2012?

I left out constitutional crimes..:0) senate, congress, supreme courts owned by globalists..:0) NWO woooo....nasty.

March 29, 2011 at 7:49 p.m. ( | suggest removal )

What Did Mayans Think Would Happen in 2012?

Ok, that cleared a long held misconception How ever, Nasa has been warning people now for some time to prepare for a solar maximum, mass solar keep those bunker plans bud.Go to NASA site and search mass solar election 2012..the effects radically life changing..power grid melt down.. 18th century living. fine here..I have my bunker already :0) fully prepped..bring it..if you are not prepped..start is life threatening..radiation..hense the need for bunkers, food supplies..water..magnetosphere problems..possible pole shift..already have shifted about 10 to 15 degrees off kilter from gravity wave hits, and they caused major earth quakes.. Chinese dam..tsunami moved Japan 150 ft..they seem to follow gravity waves and gamma ray dust heating up the sun as it adds to the fuel burned..burns in the upper solar atmosphere.. a flare of another sort..incandesces..also the NAU is scheduled to be fully implemented by 2012 if not the NWO one world govt fascist regime of wars, pollution, own all the G20 leaders and most others as well..tag teams within political systems, so regardless of theatrics about democracy, elections.. the globalist guy is elected..Democrats in States, party two heads..
again the majority is wrong..propagandised lawn grass eaters blew it.Canada.. Liberals, Neo Conservative reformist cum PC, Trudeau, the lot.. globalist civil wars, social collapse, currency shortages, new currencies, broken upper and middle classes, anarchy..rifid chips..yawn..Un troops on street corners, getting popped by rebel fighters riots, politicians lynched..:0) gased..:0)Great war of 21st century just ramping up now..middle east aflame..EUrope Union about to incandesce..North American urban warfare..:0) Plenty to be terrified about more credible than the 2012 end of world scenario.. this is backed up by Globalists themselves, flaunting their agenda..euthanise the old, sick, retarded, physically handicapped..religions outlawed.. they havent even started yet..:)Constitutional crimes by traitors in govt.. Harper..Iggy, Obama..republicans..Bush pigs..
Carlyle know..same ol same ol ..greedy, corrupt, entitled, ruling families..royals..geez..Bilderbuggery ? You can work the rest out for your selves.. or pay me 10000000 bucks, Chinese and attend a seminar :0)
heh..Lucky you..I'm joking..but check it out..then get busy getting ready..or you will perish :0)Solar flares, astrological data..Mayan Calendars..facts..NASA..they NEVER admit anything..well they are shook up over this one.. so..synchronicities run amok..0)I'm betting on alien arrivals.. :0) our creators. :0) christians screaming in their churches.. rematerialising in the space craft on meat hooks..protein for the creators..:0)..they want me, hybrid..evolved mixed race..evolutionary quantum leaps; gnight.:)

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