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SPECIAL COVERAGE: Living With Wildfires: San Diego Firestorm 10 Years Later

Comments made by NathanHale

Former San Diego District Attorney Edwin Miller Dies

Ed Miller was a wonderful man, it's too bad Bonnie Dumanis has spent the last decade un-doing so much of what Mr.Miller did to make the DA's Office great. Thank goodness Bob Brewer has the courage to step forward and do what is right to return the office to it's former glory. Check out Bob's Open Letter, it's all true:

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Dumanis to Run for DA Again, Possible Challenger Files

We are so happy to see someone like Bob Brewer run. The DA's Ofc is plagued with mediocrity due to a pervasive fear of retaliation, punitive transfers, & rampant cronyism at the top Admin levels. Read Bob Brewer's Open Letter, it is all absolutely true:

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