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Comments made by NayeemaAkter

Controversy Won't Stall Encinitas Yoga Plans

I run a business called Girls On Target which focuses on empowering youth females through fitness and yoga. I have been following the Encinitas school district and its discussion of yoga this fall/winter. I run two after school programs focused on yoga for a school outside of the Encinitas school district, and not once did a single parent comment on feeling that sending thanks to the world around us (as per Eady, the parent from the article, referencing giving thanks to the sun for its warmth and and life to the way, any religion a TRUE SCIENTIFIC FACT) was inserting some sort of religious view onto the kids participating. I was a classroom teacher for 7 years and saw first hand the benefits of a classroom yoga practice. The kids gained confidence when they mastered poses, used their morning yoga flow as prompts for writing activities, and many of the kids commented on using the relaxation techniques at night when they couldn't fall asleep or before big tests to lessen their anxiety. I came to yoga, and still teach and practice yoga regularly, without being a "religious" person. And beyond that, Buddhism and Hinduism are everywhere in our everyday are commandments,etc. When teachers tell students to be kind to others, respect the playground environment, stay calm in a fight, or use their brains before speaking out of anger...are they too, then, teaching religion? I mean come on! It sounds like ignorance is playing a strong role in complaints, and I'm proud to see the Encinitas School District move forward with implementing yoga for the kids in their schools. For more information on Girls On Target visit:, or check them out on Facebook at:

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