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Comments made by NeedToBreathe

Medical Marijuana Dispensaries On The Ballot In Four Cities

You can change your logon, but it does not cause your argument to be any less pernicious.
When Bayer sold Bayer Heroin (Trademark) in America in little yellow tins right next to the aspirin without a prescription in the general store, well, apparently that was fine with everyone.
The American government, through Health & Human Services, has now filed several patents on cannabinoid medicines developed from marijuana to treat Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s’, Stroke, Rheumatoid Arthritis, Emphysema, Diabetes and a host of other oxidative-related diseases. (We hide secrets like these on Google.)
Now Bayer AG has acquired an interest in GW Pharmaceuticals and their patents with the clear intention of owning marijuana medicines in America and the Free World.
I guess all that is all fine with you, too. In the meantime, you seem happy to allow me to suffocate until my medicine comes (very expensively) in a little yellow tin that says “Bayer”.
Once again, after a while it just sounds like Hate Speech. I am disabled, but I don’t want to be segregated. I don’t want to go back in the closet. I just want to breathe free and not be name-called, bullied and hate-mongered in the press by thinly-veiled public officials.
Yes on S!

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Medical Marijuana Dispensaries On The Ballot In Four Cities

Your use of derogatory language is demeaning to the handicapped, to the disabled, and to sick and dying patients. I am not a criminal, and I refused to be treated as if I were. It is inappropriate.
You can call me names, you can call my medicine names, and you can call places to get my medicine names; but I will continue to faithfully exercise my right as a free American to use a legal medicine recommended by my doctor, and to tell others what it has done for me.
Your pernicious arguments go on and on, and they sound more and more like Hate Speech. Collectives are legal, with or without a storefront; and the courts maintain that cities cannot ban them.
Proposition S provides for safe, regulated, and open access to a legal medicine by patients as provided for by California law. It balances carefully the concerns of the community with access for patients.
We are not criminals. Vote YES on S.

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