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Comments made by NeoGeo12

FX Show 'Terriers' Canceled

To any readers who have not seen the show. If your big on Mythology or serialized content watch the entire series or watch episodes 1,4,5,10-13. If your more into solo/procedural episode watch episode 3,6-9.)

Terriers has some of the most relative characters to date. This show was magic like the first two seasons of Burn Notice but tens times better. This show was great because it knew how to use subtleties and the human condition at top value and also reward viewers with predicaments and action(where were you AMC/Mad Men fans).It may not be Vic Mackey kicking down doors and interrogating suspects. It's not America's favorite Serial Killer Dexter hunting killers to feed his blood lust. It's definitely not a typical CBS procedural where forensic science always catches the bad guy or everything get's resolved in one sixty minute episode. I'll tell you what this show is: It's about two guys who are best friends with some of the most authentic chemistry ever done on television. Both characters Hank Dolworth and Britt Pollack work as bottom of the barrel unlicensed private investigators taking on cases ranging from odd to above their pay grade. Know why these characters are so easy to relate to. These guys were the average you or me not only fighting your typical bad guys but a system that protects the rich, the powerful, and the greedy. In the times we are living now it's hard to understand why no one could not see the relevance in this show. In my opinion FX is not to blame we the viewers have voices we can use them to be heard. The Nielson rating system is flawed they can't comprehend the exact viewing numbers so they use mathematical equations to estimate them.I know that the there obviously more than half million viewers tuning in. So here what I propose we continue the Email Campaign until September 8, 2011(Terriers premiere anniversary). We not only send emails to FX but to alternative channels willing to nurture this gem such as USA Network, Spike TV, AE, TBS, and TNT. Below I have the email contact information.
USA Network-
TNT-One CNN Center
Atlanta, Georgia 30303
Phone: 404-827-1700

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