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Comments made by Nevada_Willis

CHP Calls Chula Vista Firefighter's Arrest At Crash Scene 'Unfortunate Incident'

Where this incident turns badly for the CHP officer involves breach of procedure. According to radio tapes, Fire-Rescue was on-scene first. A fire captain was thus the Incident Commander until formally relieved. Even when relieved of overall command, Fire-EMS is in charge of patient extrication, care and safety.

In this incident it appears that the arriving officer never officially placed himself in charge. Even if he had, under ICS protocols you don't issue orders to someone else's subordinate unless an extreme safety issue exists. That engine Captain needs to know where his resources and personnel are while he/she is engaged in hazardous life saving activities.

Back in the day while working an accident on Hwy 24 I had a similar run-in with an aggressive CHP officer, although I wasn't handcuffed and I did receive an apology from the sergeant. The importance of Fire's stance in these matters was illustrated a few years later on that same highway when a whole fire crew was mowed down while working an accident on the shoulder.

Protecting the scene is Job-1. Period. Perhaps after this incident CHP will get the message.

February 7, 2014 at 10:46 a.m. ( | suggest removal )

Drought Causes Stray Horses To Seek Food In Nevada's Urban Areas

More Pravda. Yes, we are having a drought. Nevada routinely experiences droughts. We're the most arid state in the nation. In the past volunteers would deliver large quantities of water back into the hills where there is plenty of feed, but no water to support horses, wildlife and domestic livestock. Everybody won. Doesn't happen any more. In the past nonprofit groups were authorized to provide diversion feeding to keep horses out of residential areas. All of this stuff was privately funded - didn't cost the taxpayers a cent. But our Nevada Department of Agriculture eliminated those programs. Now bureaucrats cry wolf over drought and starving horses and guess what? Well intended citizens hear this stuff and decide to "help" by feeding horses in and near neighborhoods and highways. Years ago the horse advocates predicted the present outcome - horses desensitized to people and vehicles, getting onto lawns and onto roadways. Well, duh! So now these same bureaucrats who caused the problem are now wringing their hands over the outcome and spending taxpayers' money chasing down and trapping horses. Great administration we have here.

December 9, 2012 at 7:18 a.m. ( | suggest removal )