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Comments made by News619

How Similar Is Obamacare To Medicare?

Becoming ill and disabled I had to sign up for Medicare & Medi-Cal. Professional help made that the easy part. What was tough was the head spinning complexities of coverage, benefits, who to access, how to access, changes and more, all while ill and trying to heal.
When Obama's Health Care Act first passed, Insurance companies began offering a few policies, (beginning the Insurance Exchange model) and I enrolled in one. While still complex, I have more help and better clarity as to my benefits and how to access them. It's truly the next best thing to the "Single-payer" model. As this is a dynamic and changeable process, I see Medicare, Medicaid & "Obamacare" becoming more and more similar to so that one day all the fragmented health care programs may merge into one hopefully much more efficient group.
This is a huge long process, the idea which most ALL politicians, (except Clinton & Obama) have been paying "lip service" to for at least the past forty years. It's not complete, that will take years; but I'm confident all Americans as a whole will be much better off. Shame on those who sabotage by constantly fighting against such a goal without providing any alternative leadership. I will NOT be dragged back into the dark ages they envision! Be patient, be engaged and we will all benefit.

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San Diego Plastic Bag Ban Moves Forward

It seems all agree that plastic bags are not the only waste issue we face, (but a good start). Take out containers, cig butts, bottles, styrofoam, batteries and electronics are just a few. I 3R* over twice what I "throw away". I try to limit consumption overall.

I only use paper bags, doubled, folded sides matching to refold. The emptied bags are set by my door to return promptly to a secure place in the car. I'm 95ish% compliant at carrying the number of bags I'll need into ALL stores; i.e. food, drug, hardware, Fry's, etc.. Retrain the mind & behavior. A stagnant mind goes to waste.

Being highly conscious in ways of reducing ones consumption and physical mark on the earth is not anything but SMART. muckapoo1 sounds like a real old timer with his "commie" comment, I would ask him what he used before plastics. There can be more sustainable materials used and still be sanitary. I send all paper products I use to be recycled, maybe into paper bags...

I never had children, yet most all my consumption methods give thought to the legacy I'll be leaving future generations, down to my limiting plastic use. What will you choose to be your legacy to your children and your future generations?

I would ask the city council to 1) find consistencies with regulations in other cities as Ms. Sheehy (CGA) requested and: 2) the councils (both city & county) find ways to enforce littering, recycling, health & safety etc. laws currently in effect.

*3R Reduce, Reuse, Recycle (In that order)

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Homeless, Poor Can Get Free Cell Phones

I've been a member of the ROW Lifeline wireless plan in San Diego since November of 2011, so yes it is here. It's unfortunate that programs like this aren't marketed better. I believe the problem to be that Lifeline is national and CA lifeline is too mired in the old bureaucracies which I see still plague many important programs (and companies).

Your heading says homeless can get this also, but my own research for a homeless friend found that an address is needed for Lifeline and assurancewireless. (I didn't check with ROW.) The Lifeline rule is only one discount per address. I spoke with one man at a homeless day center downtown today who said they could give an address, but I couldn't get any details, which the homeless desperately need to know about.

My current plan with ROW is 500min/250 text, (NO interenet) for $5/mo. On auto pay, this took six months and countless calls to get into place, but now runs smoothly. ROW uses Verizon towers so reception is excellent. The phones are refurbished, but adequate for calls. Thanks to My Uverse internet plan of 12MBs for $25/mo, I purchased a $50 Obi 110 phone router and (with Obi's great instructions) set up a FREE Google Voice number, with free nationwide calls and much more.

The GV number rings both my home and cell lines at the same time. If home I use the home line, if out I use the cell and never go over my 500 minutes. (extra minutes are easy to buy.) After the $50 Obi investment, I now have excellent internet for my shows, movies, music, PC, etc. and full phone service for $25 +$5 per month. More options are likely available by now.

I suppose I should make a video to detail how to set this all up so others could see similar savings. Maybe the good folks at KPBS could help me with that and post it. I hope this helps you and your interested readers, thanks!

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