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Comments made by NiceDay

San Diego Files Complaint To Shut Down North Park Medical Marijuana Dispensary

Thankfully San Diego prohibits pot shops, in fact all 18 of our cities prohibit them, and all 18 are actively protecting their municipal codes against businesses that operate without a business permit, and facilitate access to pot to perfectly healthy young people that claim “pain” or “sleeplessness”. On June 18, 2012 the Journal Watch Psychiatry reported that 74% of teens in two Colorado substance treatment programs admit to using pot that came from pot shops.

90% of California cities prohibit pot shops, because we in California have learned the hard way that “Medi-pot” is just a Trojan horse for legalization, and that any 18-year high school senior can get a pot recommendation to buy and use unlimited amounts of pot with no end date. This is not medicine; it was all part of the deceitful pro-pot lobby’s plan to try and convince voters that pot is “harmless” and “medicine.”

Thank you city officials for seeing through the pot shops’ lobby smoke screen!

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San Diego Voters To Decide On Medical Marijuana In 4 Cities But Not Encinitas

Illegal pot shop owners have contributed over $50,000 to date to try and pass an illegal ordinance in IB. State law does not allow profits to be made with "medical" marijuana, so where is the funding coming from? Pot shops sell unlimited amounts of pot to anyone with tummy ache or bruised knee, this is not medicine. And why would IB need 15-20 pot shops in their little city? That sounds like a commercial enterprise, not healing. The pot shop fraud has run its course, the cat is out of the bag, we aren't being fooled anymore by claims of compassion.

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Medical Marijuana Dispensaries On The Ballot In Four Cities

Pot shops or dispensaries are not about the “serious ill” or “compassion”, which is why all 18 cities in San Diego county prohibit them and 90% of the cities in Califorinia. Go sit outside a pot shop and watch who their customers are, all young, mostly male, none serious ill. It’s a sham, plain and simple. It’s become quite clear “medical” marijuana is a Trojan horse for backdoor legalization. Law enforcement and public have become wise to this and are cracking down on pot shops for their unlawful operations and fraudulent “medical” assistance.

Pot shops make millions of dollars, which are then spent on trying to legalize marijuana and forcing cities to allow them to operate even though they directly violate the Controlled Substance Act. Any 18-year high school senior can go into a pot shop and buy as much pot as he wants, claiming “pain” for anything, and then use or sell to anyone they see fit. You can get a recommendation from a ‘doctor’ online for $30, without any real exam, this recommendation never expires nor does it limit how much pot you can smoke. This is not medicine, this is not healthy or safe.

Dr. Barbara Geller reported in Journal Watch Psychiatry on June 18, 2012 that 74% of teens in Colorado substance treatment programs admit to use of pot from pot shops. This example, with others, highlights what parents, school officials, students, and neighborhoods have found; that healthy young people easily obtain pot from illegal pot shops.

Also, pot users will of course try and claim pot is harmless, denial is a common trait of an addict. Pot is a highly toxic, addictive, cancer-causing weed. There are 483 chemicals in pot and when smoked or ingested and 4 to 5 times more tars and cancer causing agents than in tobacco cigarettes.

In 2009, the California Office of Environmental Health and Assessment Science listed marijuana as a cause of cancer. Pot is also known to cause respiratory and reproductive problems, mental illness, birth defects and irreversible brain damage.

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