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Comments made by NickV

Opponents Of I-5 Expansion Proposal Come Out In Force

Yes, the idea of adding 4 or more lanes to the 5 through North County is outdated - adding lanes to a highway is only a temporary measure. What happens in 20 years after the 5 has been widened by 4 or more lanes and those lanes are now at capacity because of growth? Do we keep going all the way to the coast? Now is the time for our State and region to realize that building more lanes only contributes to adding single driver cars. We need dedicated transit to where people work. The rush hour bottle necks could be alleviated or at least provide for the growth in population if we put commuter rail that didn't just go to Downtown. We are missing the big employment centers of Kearny Mesa, UTC/La Jolla and Mission Valley. We also have to plan for a time when driving is very cost prohibitive - the news is reporting today that oil is now creeping back to $90 per barrel and is likely to continue to rise. Having world class roads is important but we can't subsidize one method of transportation. I know everyone in my office talks about how they wish there was a Train to Kearny Mesa! Even L.A. has figured it out and passed a sales tax to fun rail transit - let's not be left behind and manage our growth and not pave over paradise.

November 9, 2010 at 9:29 a.m. ( | suggest removal )

Is Public Transit A Viable Alternative To I-5 Expansion?

Of course public transit is a viable alternative - but not in the form that SD County has today. There is no connectivity. If you want to get to the Airport - you must take the coaster downtown the get on a bus to go back to the airport. If you work in Kearny Mesa and live in North County - Taking transit is time prohibitive. Even to get from North County to UTC area there will not be connectivity with the new light rail. We must continue to build rail, Bus Rapid Transit and make sure that those alternatives are the best choice. Adding lanes to freeways has been studied and they does not cut down on congestion in the long run they just invite more congestion - I guess we will keep building until we hit the actual sand at the coast line. Even Los Angeles the "king" of freeways has realized destroying neighborhoods in the name of a couple of lanes is not going to get us out of congestion - Measure R up in LA County is a sales tax that will building 30 years worth of Rail. We must look ahead at the future and that will be expensive gas and more people - let's plan for this and build trains and Bus Lines that go places. One person one car madness needs to stop! Oh and I'm a conservative - but I think subsidizing the roads over other forms of transportation is hurting the U.S. Also, transit stops usually invite investment dollars to a city or area - I'm not sure about you but I don't want to live next to a freeway - I live in North County and if i could get on a train and take it to my job in Kearny mesa and walk to my office i would do that in a heart beat!!

August 5, 2010 at 1:30 p.m. ( | suggest removal )