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Comments made by Nick_Ferracone

City Heights Looks For A Place To Skate

Thanks very much for helping to get this story out. Our group is growing and gaining momentum. Anyone who may be interested in this effort can connect with us at or on facebook, by searching for Mid-City Skatepark Advocacy Group.

Respectfully, I must say that the figures Mr. Reese uses here are very, VERY high. So much so that I can't figure where they may have come from, unless he is calculating land acquisition as part of the cost. This has never been a part of our strategy.

Mr. Reese, if we could have a meeting with you I can certainly explain our vision and strategy, and why our estimates are somewhere around 20% of yours.

We know that it's harder than ever for public agencies and service providers to meet the growing needs of their constituents. We really do. But we have strategies, and we believe the social and political will to get this done.

Again, come connect with us @

And thanks again KPBS for this story.


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