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Comments made by NikFromNYC

Catholic Church Goes Green To Counter Global Warming

Rome has been cooling since the 40s!

Others cities across the States and Europe have rarely discussed very long real thermometer records (instead of silly tree rings that respond to rain, smog, cloud cover and CO2 too instead of just temperature).

Here are the very oldest of them plus Copenhagen tossed in for fun:

They show no sign of trend change in the modern era whatsoever.

So now we have Creationism *and* Global Warming being pushed by the Vatican, with candidates for US president on both sides who offer their own brand of anti-science activism. Nice world we live in, eh?

At least they are admitting that Global Warming is at heart a religious affair.

Of course they can ignore the 400,000 year long Greenland ice core that shows modern warming to be utterly boring, since the Earth is only 6000 years old, right?


Oh and by the way, a medium sized yacht made of wood held a pair of every type of worm, insect and soil microorganism on the planet, even those in the undiscovered Americas, while mixing fresh and salt water fish into one big ocean for ten months.

Well, they got Bin Laden, climate alarmist, but at last we still have Charles Manson who agrees with the Vatican that the End Of Days will involve a simple physical process instead of something supernatural:

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