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Comments made by NonToxic

The Fight To Save Salvation Mountain

California Defender or religious basher?

Have you visited Salvation Mountain personally? If not, ANYTHING you say about it would be a LIE.

Lead: If you did your homework before tossing your $0.02 out there, you would find that soil samples were taken to test for lead based contamination when the government attempted to stop his work years ago. Given that no paint after 1980 has contained lead, your dead wrong on your accusations. The soil showed no signs of contamination, and thus no environmental harm has occurred. The latex paint simply coats the adobe, it does not release chemicals.

Plaster: He added water to the natural adobe that was located on site, so that claim is false as well. Water, adobe, hay and latex paint. There are less contaminates in Salvation Mountain than in your home.

Oil: None of the vehicles onsite are leaking, I have been to the mountain man times. Beyond some tools and old cars, there is no trash, no litter. Slab city is just beyond Salvation Mountain, there is where you can grip about contamination. Left over concrete slabs and waste from an old military base and trash dumped by campers is what you will find. This did not happen at Salvation Mountain on Leonards watch.

Restore it to its natural state? Can we start by restoring your home to its natural state, after all, you live on top of nature as well.

Are you worried about this little man made mountain out of environmental concern, or do you just hate to see someone praise the Lord openly? Afraid he will convert some of your God bashing friends? Perhaps you should give up all the money you own, as it clearly states in God you trust. This country was founded on Christian beliefs, its sad you can't allow them to be expressed these days. No one is telling you that you must believe, Leonard is simply trying to give those who are open to the message, a chance to see the Love God has to offer.

Watch the documentary that was made on Salvation Mountain, you might learn to love it.

If you really need an issue to get upset about, try supporting the Salton Sea's clean up. All the agriculture run off, sewer water and trash dumped into is killing the fish and birds that used to thrive there. Leave Salvation Mountain to those of us who believe in the power and love of the Lord Almighty.

February 22, 2012 at 6:57 p.m. ( | suggest removal )