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Comments made by NurseBob

Baja California Attorney General Says "El Teo" Behind Police Attacks

It is very simple to stop all this violence and fix the state budget.
Legalize recreational marijuana and put the prisoners to work growing the best marijuana in the world in California to be sold to recreational users at state stores to recreational users.
Growing cannabis in the prisons would keep it away from the kids.
Provide FREE medical marijuana to any VALID medical patient that REALLY needs it.
Prosecute anyone harshly who sells or provides marijuana to a minor who is not a valid patient.
Police doctors who hand out prescriptions to hypochondriacs who just want free cannabis
These strange wierd actions WOULD STOP HALF OF THE DRUG WAR and fix the California economy. We should call it a prohibition war. Prohibition did not work.
This would cure the PTSD in the prisons and prepare patient/inmates for release into a peaceful surrounding instead of a violent surrounding.
Privatizing the prisons where the marijuana is to be grown, patients would be treated with medical marijuana, patients would have incoming internet, patients would be able to complete online degrees, patients would get TV and video games if behavior is good. This would provide a different option than the high cost of the violent tortuous CCPOA union run prisons and cut the cost drastically.
Patient/prisoners would behave differently if they had this option as a reward and would be programmed to be peaceful. Would you rather have someone who walks and talks like a pot head OR like a felon living next to you? I take the pothead any day.

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