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Comments made by OBPD

Ocean Beach Divided Over Anti-Homeless Sticker Controversy

This issue is now making the Black a bunch of money on those stickers. The rally makes people WANT to go to the Black.
Go to the OB Pier. Look under the OB Pier. You will see 20 BUMS hanging out. One even brought a futon out, was laying there with a blanket, while his friends smoke weed and drink liquor out of a brown bag. So, now you have families and KIDS, walking by these DIRT BAGS smoking weed and drinking. You know, the steps that go to the pier? Yeah, right under there. Police were called, and they never showed up. I like the new sticker. I am for it. I also give food to the "VICTIMS" in need, because I know some of them really need it, and it's too late because they were in a war and fought for our FREEDOM, and our mentally screwed up. MOST are just punk bums, some with cell phones, they they probably stole off a mom with her kids, walking by a dirty bum smoking weed in front of her kids. It's ridiculous. Think what you want, "What would Jesus do", etc... But when you are enjoying the company of good friends in your house, and you look out your window to see the BEAUTIFUL OCEAN AND PIER, then all you see is dirt bag bums out front, sleeping under the pier, laying in a FUTON, SETTING UP SHOP, and selling/smoking drugs... it kind of makes you want to go to the Black and buy a bunch of those stickers and shirts. I say, "Get the hell out of here". Go to La Jolla. Right... the cops would be all over them there. Go to Del Mar... nope. Too much $$$ up there to have bums creeping around. Cops would have them gone before they even had a chance to SET UP SHOP. Maybe I'll make a new sticker, "GO SET UP SHOP SOMEWHERE ELSE, YOU STINKIN' DIRT BAG". I moved to OB for a reason. It's nice. NOT ANYMORE. People laugh now when I tell them I live in OB. Families are scared to come here. Businesses are losing money. TO ALL YOU STINKIN' BUMS, GET A ROOM... I PAY A LOT OF MONEY FOR MINE. BUMS, BUMS, GO AWAY. YOU'RE NOT WELCOME HERE ANYMORE>

June 26, 2010 at 1:25 p.m. ( | suggest removal )