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Comments made by OCB

Del Mar Woman Fighting Fairground Gun Shows

What a ridiculous headline. The headline could easily be tens of thousands attend del mar gun show. The facts is in 2011 31 people w3re murdered with semi automatc guns and 431 people were murdered with hammers. Do we ban hammers? Of course not. 35000 people were killed in. Car accidents, many because people broke the law and were drinking, speeding, texting. Cars kill more than guns because of irresponsible people, we don't ban cars. Of course hammers and cars are not rights......

Then there is Peking, who is entitled to their opinion, but is is it arrogant for him to tell everyone else who hasn't broken the law how to live? Is Peking smarter than Washington, Adams and Jefferson?

s long as we are concerned with protecting life, as we should be, what is America doing to protect unborn babies: 390,000 unborn babies were murdered at planned parenthood last year. Like the Sandy Hook first graders these. Unborn babies that were murdered will never go to prom, never get kissed, never learn to drive, never go to college. What are we doing to protect these 390,000 thousand?

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Climate Politics: It's Laugh Lines Vs. 'Not A Joke'

Fact-President Obama enjoyed democratic control of the house and the senate for all of 2009 and 2010.
Fact- President Obama failed to pass legislation reform during this time on welfare, entitlement, social security and energy.
Fact:President Obama has limited jobs in the US and reduced energy indepdendence by stimulating off shore production in South America.
Fact: President Obama opposed Kyestone that would have created more jobs and US energy independence.
Fact: President Obama rewarded cronies giving billions to companies like Fisker Auto and also Solyndra and a123 battery that have gone bankrupt.
Fact- President Obama said he wanted to raise electricity prices to bankrupt new coal producing plants.
Fact: President Obama's energy secretary said he wanted gas prices to go to $7. IN 2008 prices were 1.60 today they are $4.

President Obama's policies have failed.

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How Obama Got His Groove Back, And Other Debate Takeaways

Fact 1. Candidate Obama said in 2008 he would cut the deficit in half. Under his watch our debt went from 10 to $16 trillion.
Fact 2: Candidate Obama said in 2008 he would lower health premiums, today premiums cost on average $2,500.00 MIne has gone up by $,1,800.
Fact 3: Real wages under President Obama have gone down $4,500 for average every day workers.
Fact 4: Candidate Obama said he would improve global relations and restore American leadership. Today our US Ambassador has been murdered, teh flag of ahte and sharia fly over US embassy's, Iran, Russia and China are stronger and have less respect for the United States.
Fact5: President Obama said if he spent the stimulus unemployment would come down, for 43 months it was over 8%,
Fact 6: Candidate Obama said there was too much money in politics, the day after the SU Ambassador was assassianted President Obama flew to Vegas to raise cash. He then flew to raise cash with Clooney, JAY-z, went on Lettermen and teh Daily show, stopped by the view- not once meeting with the US press for an interview.
Fact7: President Obama has a big off-shore pension in the Cyamens invested i chinese companies and paid for by US Taxpayers.
Fact 8: Mitt Romney does not have an off-shore pension invested in chinese companies that is paid for by taxpayers.
Fact9: 2 weeks after the jihadist terrorist attack in Libya the white house spokesperson Jay Carney still said "IT is not an act of terrorism"
fact 10: Gas when Obama came into office was $1.60, gas today is over $4
Fact 11- President Obama won't allow drilling off the gulf coast sending US Jobs to SOuth America and raising domestic prices.
Fact: PResdient Obama said he would like "bankrupt' coal energ plants that produce electricity- rates have gone up.
Fact: America is less safe today than 4 years ago.
Fact: President Obama had party control of the hosue and senate and failed to pass immigration, entitlement or deficit reforms.

These are the facts. President Obama and his policies have been failure at every level.

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How Obama Got His Groove Back, And Other Debate Takeaways

The facts I presented can not be disupted. It is my opinion that it is unfortunate your first post referred to Mr. Romney as well meaning, however by your last post you have resorted to name calling. It has long been the tatics of bully unable to muster facts to resort to name calling. If you can't atack the message........well.

The facts I presented speak for themselves.

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How Obama Got His Groove Back, And Other Debate Takeaways

Fact- the world is less safe today then 4 years ago. In 2008 embassy's were not being burned, ambassadors were not being murdered.
Fact- Today AQ, the taliban and our enemies are stronger, not weaker.
Fact- Candy Crowley admitted Romney "was right"-see tape.
Fact-Romney does not want war with any country, he wants leadership..
Fact- President Obama, Jay Carney, Hillary Clinton and Susan Rice blamed US Ambassaor's death on a video , not an act of terror in Libya, fr more than 2 weeks, to White Houe reporters, Meet the Press, David Lettermen and the View for weeks after the assasination.
Fact- The attack and assassination were watched in real time. President Obama said he ordered security increased. Why was security not beefed up to protect the others at the safe house where the navy seals died- the fight lasted 5 hours?
Fact- The day after our ambassador was assinated President Obama flew Air Force One to Vegas to raise money, a few short days later he flew to raise money with Clooney, Jay-Z and other 1 percenters that he suppossedly rails against.
Fact- The US economy is worse today than 4 years ago.
Fact- Gasoline that was 1.60 in 2008 is now 4.50
Fact- the deficit has grown by $6 trillion under Presdient Obama.
Fact-real income is down $4,500 since 2008
Fact- Health insurance premiums are up 2,500$ since 2008
Fact- President Obama has a taxpayer funded pension in Cayman Islands.
Fact- Mitt Romney does not have a taxpayer funded pension in the Cayman Islands.
Fact- President Obama has a bigger taxpayer funded pension then Mr. Romney.
Fact- Mr. Romney does not have any taxpayer funded pension.

I donated money to candidate Obama 3 times in 2007 and 2008. After teh deabte Tuesday and becuase of the facts listed above, I have decided not to vote for President Obama. He is a great speaker, but I could not ignore the facts.

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How Obama Got His Groove Back, And Other Debate Takeaways

Fact- Candy Crowley has come out and admitted that she was wrong.
Fact-Libya, Syria, Egypt are a mess.
Fact- Presdient Obama has been in office for 4 years and his failed policies have made the world less safe, has made Americans less safe (the first US Ambassador murdered in some 30 years, and the flag of islamic fascim and hate flying high)
Fact- Presdient Obama's failed economic policies have increased the debt by $6 trillion.
Fact- Economic growth is an anemic 1.3%.
Fact- President Obama failed to pass immigration reform despite having Democratic control of the house and senate in 2009 and 2010.
Fact: AQ and the Taliban are stronger today then 4 years ago.
Fact: A gallon of gas that cost 1.60 in 2008 now costs 4.50
Fact: President Obama, Jay Carney, HC, and Susan Rice all blamed a video for weeks after the embassy was attacked.
Fact: Just last week VP Joe Biden said intelligence told the white house it a protest.
Fact: Just last week The intelligence told the hous hearings they never reported any protests.

I have simply stated the facts why I decided after the deabte Tuesday that I will not longer vote fo Preisdent Obama and I will be voting for Mitt Romney. I sent candidate Obama money three times in 2007 and 2008, I gave him a chance. He is a gret speaker but he has been a horrible leader.

If there is a need for rebuttal please provide facts rather than attack me personally. Thank you.

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How Obama Got His Groove Back, And Other Debate Takeaways

Oama has been a horrible President. It is a fact that in 2008 candidate Obama told me he would cut the deficit in half- 4 years later the deficit has increased by $6 trillion. It is a fact that in 2008 candidate Obama told me there was too much money in politics, 4 years later President Obama is raising money from the very same lobbyists and 1% he rails against, and the GAI reports Obama is taking foregin donatins witout disclosing it where ROmney is in full disclosure.

It is a fact that in 2008 candidate Obama told me there were no red or blue states, 4 years later President Obama has been the most divisive President of all time pitting classes, religions and races against each other. It is a fact that in 2008 candidate Obama said he would lower health premiums and today my premium cost $2,000 more a year. It is a fact that in 2004 candidate Obama told me he would make the world safer, today in 2012 the world is less secure and less safe, and the islamic flag of jihad and hate is flying over murdered ambassaors and embassy's.

It is a fact that the day after our ambassador was murdered Obama took Air Force one to Vegas to raise some cash- he of there is too much money in politics.

It is a fact that in 2008 candidate Obama told me he would pass immigration reform, 4 years later despite having control of senate and house in 09 and 10 he has passed nothing.

It is a fact I donated to candidate Obama's campaing 3 times in 2007 and 2008. If you have other facts please share them. I attacked no one in my post yet you feel the need to attack me personally. Please attack my facts, where am I wrong?

Candy Crowley is a democratic poltiical operative who called the Romney/Ryan ticket a "death Ticket" does this sound like an unbiased moderator?

If she had simply checked a fact why has she apologized today and said Romney was correct and she was wrong?.Another fact- as a fact checker she failed. Did you know that on Sept 17 Crowley ask Senator McCain why the white house did not call it terrorism? Crowley was well aware, as are all americans, that the white house, Carney, Ambassador Rice and of course the President on the View, Letterman and Univision misled the public by blaming a video. If you have other facts please share.

As an undecided the debate pushed me over the edge to vote for Mr. Romney.

At the beginning of the deabte Crowley told the audience no clapping, yet the first lady jumped up and led applause against the rules and silenced Romney's rebuttal- it is a fact. yopu cangoogle and watch it on the internet. I think the rules apply to all of us, I was sorry to see Mrs. Obama did not feel the same way.

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How Obama Got His Groove Back, And Other Debate Takeaways

The debate was a disaapointment. As an undecided it became apparent to me early on that CNN and Candy Crowley had pre-planned the questions to try and make President Obama look good. I don't care about Bush, and the women I went to college with are making more money then many men I know. I think it's more important we create good paying jobs for everyone.

I do care that the middle east is less secure today then 4 years ago and that the flag of Islamic hate that cuts noses off woman is increasing in the world and President Obama's failed policies have made us less safe. I do care that the failed policies of President Obama have caused the deficit to increase by 6 trillion, that unemployment remains high, that economic growth is amenic and that energy prices are high. President Obama said he'd like to increase electricity costs for coal and his energy secretary said that he'd like gas at 7$.- both things seem to be coming true.

I thought it was disgracful that CNN and Crowley rigged the event. Crowley cut Roment off 28 times, Crowley also did not follow the deabte rules, on two occasions she broke protocol and did not let Romney have his agreed to rebuttal. Crwoley aslo bailed the PResident out when eh was in trouble.

Most disturbing off all was how did President Obama know to tell Crowley to "GET THE TRANSCRIPT". How did Obama know Crowley had the transcript? HE didn't ask her to get one, or to look at one,or to request one. He knew she had it and thsi was all planned, it was rigged.

In closing it was telling to me that Ms. Obama began applauding at that very moment, encouraging others to applaud s was shameful, does the Mainstream media think we are that stupid taht we could not see it was all a that is a tory, I wonder if NPR will cover it, all things considered.

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