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Comments made by Oceanside

Report Blames ATF Agents For Botched Gun-Trafficking Operation

PDSD, thanks for posting the NY Times story.

A few of the claims are a bit overblown. For example, the questionable implication that the road improvement of Vista Way caused that medical building to appreciate 60%. Don’t think so.

On the other hand, I have been concerned for some time with my congressman. For example, soon after Issa became the head of the Oversight Committee, he made statements pretty much declaring that he would use the committee to do battle with the Obama administration. I am not a fan of the same old partisan in-fighting we’re all getting tired of. Also, I was not aware of some of the other issues brought up by the NY Times article. For example, really is there any question that Issa had a conflict of interest when he was involved in the investigation of Toyota for acceleration problems when his company was a major supplier of alarms? Really ridiculous when he claimed that his relationship with Toyota makes him even better at investigating Toyota than his fellow unconflicted house members...because he would say “hold it, I’m not letting you off the hook now.” What???

Can you post the link to the UT story you are referring to? Might be interesting/entertaining.

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Opening Arguments Delivered At Haditha Trial

MissionAccomplished, what’s wrong, you can’t come up with a single board response on the KPBS website to all the articles about the insurgent suicide bombers, who have targeted civilians, including women and children? I am happy with my opinion, as much as it gets under your skin and makes you personalize this discussion.

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Opening Arguments Delivered At Haditha Trial

PDSD, actually I do agree that government needs to be subject to scrutiny. I was making an observation, and a different point. That is to say critics of these wars and the US military can typically only muster a criticism against the US or our people in service. If an insurgent suicide bomber kills dozens of people, intentionally, including women and children, the comment board on the KPBS website has “0 comments.” Why is that?

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Opening Arguments Delivered At Haditha Trial

Len, my posts have been about criticism regarding the military, and hypocrisy that I see is typical in doing so. Am stumped how atrocity justification is read into that. Also not buying the argument that we're all to blame for war atrocities.

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Opening Arguments Delivered At Haditha Trial

I find that what is not said often speaks volumes about one’s perspective. What happened in Haditha was terrible. But, I typically find the critics who leap to the opportunity to scrutinize the actions of the military don’t seem to ever utter a word of criticism about what the insurgents are doing, or a word of support for members of the military or their families. Here’s a sampling of ten reports on the KPBS website on the subjects of military members suffering from PTSD, TBI from IEDs, Military Family struggles, insurgent attacks against US troops as well as their own people. And, following are the number of comments posted to each.

“Military Kids Struggling At Home With Parents Deployed Abroad”. 0 comments.
“Brain Injuries Challenge Veterans’ Marriages”. 0 comments
“How Does Stress Of War Affect Military Families?”. 0 comments.
“27 Killed As Blasts Rock Shiite Areas Of Baghdad”. 0 comments.
“Dozens Killed In Rare Attacks On Afghan Shiites”. 0 comments.
“Insurgents Attack U.S. Embassy In Afghanistan”. 0 comments.
“Afghan Civilian Deaths On The Rise Due to Insurgent Attacks”. 0 comments.
“8 U.S. Troops Killed In Two Afghanistan Attacks”. 0 comments.
“Pendleton Marines To Come Home From Hell”. 0 comments.
“Afghan Pilot Kills 9 at Airport; Panetta, Petraeus to Shift Security Roles”. 0 comments.

That’s 0 for 10, and lots of atrocities to comment on there. Interesting isn’t it how the criticism seems to go in one direction only. Speaks volumes to me.

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Opening Arguments Delivered At Haditha Trial

To ben72, your articulate responses are appreciated. And, I say more funny than offensive. "low-educated" was hilarious.

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Opening Arguments Delivered At Haditha Trial

Just kind of stunned by hateful tone of some of these posters toward the military. You do realize these guys are getting blown up, shot at, etc., by plain-clothesed suicidal insurgents? Right? Really crass of you to go on to insult the families too. Wow.

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Pit Bull Attack Raises Questions Over Pet Regulations

Previous next door neighbors had a dog, not exactly a pit bull, but some type of related breed - a bull terrier of some type. Very powerful dog with a huge head. Long story short, it grew up to be aggressive towards me. I was confronted by their snarling, barking, vicious acting dog on a number of occasions, at the back portion of my own property which is outside of either of our houses fencing because their dog broke through their back "fence" of chickenwire and old discarded doors. Usually, I would calmly make my way back to my house and let them know their dog was out. The fence never seemed to be addressed sufficiently. I just remember after being cornered, actually up in the fenced portion of my yard, with no where to go. Between my wife and I we yelled and shooed the dog out. But when I told the owner what happened, there was no apology, no promise to do more about the fence. I remember he was busy doing some yard work himself when I was telling him what happened, and he didn't even stop to look at me to discuss. Just said, "that's disappointing". I eventually got bit. He did come over and apologized when he found out. Said, "I'll have to talk to her" referring to the dog. True story of bad dog ownership.

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