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Comments made by Oxenfree76

Federal Judge To Hear Occupy San Diego Suit

"Speech comes from our mouths, speech is not setting up tents and camping."

Wow. Let this stand as the opposition's best argument in defense of fraud, crashing the economy, and destroying billions of dollars of American wealth: speech comes from our mouths.

Just. Wow.

November 23, 2011 at 4:04 p.m. ( | suggest removal )

Federal Judge To Hear Occupy San Diego Suit

Right now there are dozens of police stationed around Civic Center Plaza, guarding a few protesters and making sure they don't set up a table or chair.

This is all in the shadow of a building two blocks away that boldly displays a sign that reads "Merrill Lynch" in six-foot-lettering. Merrill Lynch, before the collapse and before they were purchased by Bank of America, had faced several counts of and had been found guilty multiple times of fraud. No police are surrounding this building.

To summarize:
Thirty protesters in a concrete plaza warrants 25-30 police.
Repeat felony fraud which may have extracted millions or billions from the economy doesn't warrant even one officer or justice department official reviewing emails or files. None.

November 23, 2011 at 12:09 p.m. ( | suggest removal )

Federal Judge To Hear Occupy San Diego Suit

Satariel, the camps were specifically purposed to be protests. They weren't camping just for the sake of camping. One aspect of this protest was permanence or semi-permanence. Orange County's City Council deemed that tents were a form of speech, especially in light of the foreclosure crisis which is leaving some former homeowners on the street. Mayor Sanders and the San Diego Police had a choice to make and that was either enforce local camping ordinances or protect possible speech. They chose to pursue local camping ordinances over protecting the Constitutionally guaranteed right of assembly.


Also, when the police broke up the encampment, they kept protesters on a bus for between four and eight hours. From the 2 A.M. early morning raid until the middle of the day (up to eight hours later), protesters were kept on a bus and instructed to urinate and defecate on the bus. The Civic Center Plaza that day was ringed in police to keep protesters from entering. The Sheriff's office apologized for the conditions on the bus, but the intimidation had already been done: people were not willing to face dozens of police officers and risk inhumane conditions to exercise their rights. A restraining order would support protesters' rights to speak without this intimidation.


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