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Comments made by PBResident

The Return Of Floatopia

You wonder why people in PB, especially residents along Sail Bay, are upset about the Floatopias, especially the aftermath? You obviously didn't see the hundreds of floats left behind, the thousands of beer cans and other trash discarded in the water, the numerous drunks so inebriated they were falling into the water in danger of drowning or collapsing onto the sand in the fetal position. And, oh, yes, in this era of strapped city budgets, how about a price tag of $53,000 (according to a public records request) per Floatopia in police, lifeguards and fire/rescue costs, just so a couple of thousand irresponsible drunks can drink themselves silly?

Why do we as taxpayers have to underwrite the costs of your need to get drunk in public? Why not just get drunk in the bars? Of course, then you'd have to pay the tab, rather than every taxpayer. I think it would be fine to let these drunks suffer the consequences of their "personal choices," but then the city would be sued by their parents for failing to prevent their deaths.

March 2, 2011 at 12:29 p.m. ( | suggest removal )