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Health Care At The Heart Of Prison Release Ruling

So you you want socialism / communism telling you exactly how to live with little freedom to choose your own path in life or are we as a country going to go back to the hard work fundamental that made this country great and use our freedom more wisely like most of our grandparents and parents did. I'm 36 I live 1005 with in my means I used to do the race car thing, surf, and other wasteful thing but now their is no money for it and I do not let it drive me crazy because I cannot do those things anymore. I realize what is more important. Some my friends and people I "know of" that have kids are still living life like they were in high school. They are not saving anymore for their retirement. They are to busy being adult kids buying junk instead of working for their kids. Look back at what your parent(s) did. When you were old enough to know like 8 y/o, was your mom or dad going out to the club or playing video games all night? Were they buying junk for their cars or the biggest waste in our life time buying new cell phones and computer stuff every other month? There will always be somebody else who is a "good financial situation" that will be able to buy the crap or luxury items in life that will keep the economy moving. Think of it this way you have to first pay for these items: rent or mortgage, electricity & gas, water, food, basic clothing at times, trash, and healthcare before you do anything else period!!! You noticed I did not put down cable & internet or cell phone or car or car insurance? If you want those go bust your bust and use your freedom wisely so you can have those luxuries in life unless you want total socialism / communism telling you how to live. That is where this country has gone wrong. Time to go back to hard work people. The system does not need to be changed. People need to stick to the rules and stop lying and cheating just because no body is looking. Stop stealing from your workplace or asking your friends for a "hook up" at the companies expense. The lack of work ethic and morale's and honor in this country is sad. A majority of young people thinking they are owned something so they steal from the workplace. Like I said it's a messed up problem, how you going to fix it?

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Health Care At The Heart Of Prison Release Ruling

kpbs staff this is for you .
What you fail to mention when you you talk about other countries and their universal health care is some simple facts about the life style's and how the people in those other countries behave and how big or actually how small in population those countries actually are in comparison to the United States.

A lot of people can afford health care in the U.S. but they decide to spend their money on cell phones or junk food or a night at the club. Most people waste a lot of money on things they do not need. They waste money on junk for their cars, new clothes every week or expensive make-up. That is where this country has gone wrong, it's with wasteful spending at the personal level and it continues up to the local gov. straight up to the federal level.
Anybody who has a car is paying insurance I hope. Well they could get rid of the car ( which needs a lot of maintenance costing $$$) and the insurance payment, take public transportation (saves the environment, less oil from the middle east) or walk (makes you healthier) and take that save money from not owning a car and pay for their health car. I bet somebody is says this : "well people will lose jobs if we don't own cars and waste money on cell phones and a night out on the club." Well none you see how messed up of a problem it really is.

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