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Comments made by PaulCurrier

The Race For California Attorney General

I am voting for Alberto Torrico. Kelly is big money trying to "buy in", and Kamala Harris has violated thousands of Citizens of their Civil Rights, and will probably be disbarred. Alberto is the guy for the job. We need more Hispanic Representation on our CDP Ticket and I like Alberto best!

I am running for DCCC-AD13 in San Francisco and I am the only DCCC Candidate in San Francisco who has called for Kamala Harris to resign and withdraw, as well as Gavin Newsom to resign and withdraw. The Legal mess caused by Gavin Newsom's mis-management of his SFPD and Kamala Harris's denial of discovery in many thousands of cases as a result of collusion and corruption with Mayor Newsom may not be a hot item out side San Francisco - but the politics is boiling in San Francisco over these thousands of systematic civil rights violations. No one else has the guts to call for the obvious - if Newsom and Harris get on the November Ticket - they will drag down all Democrats on the State and Local Tickets - as the whole party will have lost any integrity. 2010 is not time for politics as usual. We must all work together to end corruption in politics locally, at your County Boards, and in Sacramento.

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Poll: Voters Support Changing California's Constitution

I wrote two Constitutional Initiatives that are now certified for signature gathering. The first initiative empowers us as voters, to be able to call a Constitutional Convention by Initiative, and set the methods and process as well as scope of the Convention, and specify the democratic election of delegates. The second calls the Convention to Draft our New California Constitution. Our organizing work is viewable to all at

I realize a Constitutional Convention is about as sexy as a really bad car accident, but so is the status of our structural deformation of our State of California. We ask others to join in with us so we can Organize California. The hard lifting is ahead. Does California matter to you, or would you rather watch TV?

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How To Rescue the Golden State from the Junk Heap

The Legislature keeps passing budgets and the Governor keeps vetoing them. Arnold is ruining California. Arnold has managed to secure the downgrade of our State Bonds to BBB already, and soon we will be a Junk Bond State. This is miss-management.

I wrote and filed two Initiatives with the California Attorney General's Office in Sacramento. I filed on June 24th. Everyone can read them here:

Article 36 My Proposed Article 36 Grants us as voters the right to call our Constitutional Convention.

Article 37 My Proposed Article 37 Calls our Constitutional Convention, based on Article 36.

No one else has filed anything. We are organizing now on line. My Initiatives provide a level playing field. All can run to be elected as a Delegate from their Assembly District of residence. I provide for public finance, so all are welcome, and I provide for market rate compensation so none will loose by offering their talent to our Commonwealth. I designed a process. Who we elect is up to us. I provide subpoena power to the Convention to enable witness from the best and the brightest. I provide that our Chief Justice of our California Supreme Court be the (non-voting) Presiding Officer. If you read Article 37 and discard the references to Article 36, its an easy read in plain english. The legal citations are required to empower Article 37.

In our organizing efforts - we are attracting all political stripes. The process is fair and open. What we all agree to do is not argue issues until we get to the election of Delegates after November 2010. Why? We need to get on the ballot and pass the initiatives. One thing we can all agree on - is it is time to do this now. I am not granting Radio Interviews until after August 1st. We have so much to do. We are working transparently now, but we need to put the money in play, hire staff, and open our offices, and then I am open to publicity on air.

Critically, I hear the Repair California Group is deadlocked on Prop 13. They we supposed to file by September 24, but it is not clear if they will make the cut off time.

I hear that the Bay Area Council wants to work with the Legislature and Governor. It seems their concept of Appointed or Selected Delegates is not going over with the voters. That is just my guess.

Everyone we talk too wants to elect delegates, as we provide.

Everyone we talk too wants to fix the whole mess, and both the Bay Area Council and the Repair California Groups want a limited scope Convention. We open up everything. It is our Constitution and if we are going to fix it, we need to open it all up for overhaul.

What will we ratify? Probably a New Constitution that is custom built by Californians for California for our 21st Century and beyond.

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